PSO2 NGS: Equalizing Enemies

Equalizing Enemies are extremely rare in PSO2: NGS, luckily you can summon a Trial to increase your chances of encountering one.

In this video game, Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis (PSO2: NGS), players can put their tactical abilities to the test.

NGS is the latest instalment of the Phantasy Star Online series, and therefore, you are likely to encounter similar aspects and gameplay throughout the franchise. However, since NGS was released a decade after its predecessor, players will enjoy updated graphics.

As part of the Artificial Relics to Keep Species (ARKS) organisation, it is up to you to cooperate with a peculiar ally to defeat a powerful threat. On your mission to save the planet, you will discover different enemies, one of which is the Equalizing Enemies, who only spawn in specific areas.

Enemy types

PSO2: NGS has more than 10 enemy types that you can encounter while you are exploring the vast open world. However, the DOLLS are the main enemies, as they are part of the main story arc. In addition to dolls, you can find the following enemies:

Enemy type Description
Alters They are organic enemies that alter their forms during the night
Rare Enemies Rare enemies are of a different colour variation than normal enemies. They often have increased experience and drop rewards
Tames These animal-like enemies drop meat when killed. Most will attempt to flee when you attack them

PSO2 NGS: Equalizing Enemies

While exploring Halpha in PSO2: NGS, you can find Equalizing Enemies, though they only spawn in level 40, or higher, combat sectors.

These sectors purely focus on enemy encounters and players will not find any materials, towers, or cocoons while they are in a combat sector. Instead, you can use this sector to fight waves of enemies for a chance to earn rare drops.

Equalizing Enemies are quite unique, as they can apply buffs and additional benefits to other nearby enemies. Enemies buffed by this effect will not take much damage, which makes them more challenging to defeat.

PSO2 NGS: Equalizing Enemies
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Players first have to defeat the Equalizing Enemy before attempting to destroy the other enemies. By destroying the Equalizer, the nearby enemies are weakened, which allows you to deal substantial damage to them.

PSO2 NGS: Equalizing Enemies
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One of the quests in NGS requires that you defeat Equalizing Enemies, but since the enemies are random-number-generated, they spawn randomly. This makes completing the quest more difficult.

If you are struggling to complete the quest, you should ask other players for help. Everyone in the party should enter their own room before summoning an E-trial. If the Equalizing Enemy does not spawn in the room, you can create a new room.

Once a party member has spawned an Equalizing Enemy, they can share the password to the room, in which case everyone can attempt to defeat the enemy. Once you have defeated the required number of Equalizing Enemies, you can hand in the quest to receive rewards.

Keep in mind that you do not need the quest to defeat Equalizing Enemies. If, by any chance, you randomly encounter an Equalizing Enemy while exploring, it is highly advisable that you defeat it. This is because Equalizing Enemies are extremely difficult to find, as they rarely spawn.

What level does your character have to be to defeat an Equalizing Enemy?

Equalizing Enemies can only be found in level 40 or higher combat sectors. It is thus recommended that your character is at least level 40 before attempting to fight an Equalizing Enemy solo. However, if you are in a party, and the other party members are on a higher level, you could defeat the enemy.

It is worth noting that Equalizing Enemies have unique skills and abilities, which they use in the battle. Players should thus ensure that they have enough battle power before starting the fight against an enemy.

Are Equalizing Enemies bugged?

Since Equalizing Enemies are especially rare, NGS players started to believe that they are bugged. Previously, players could only defeat Equalizing Enemies in the Kvaris region in order to complete the quest.

However, in June 2022, PSO2:NGS developer, Sega, announced that they changed the quest’s specifications. When players now receive the quest, they will notice that it states to defeat Equalizing Enemies.

It no longer indicates a specific region in the game in which to defeat them.This makes completing the quest easier.


To increase your chances of spawning an Equalizer Enemy, players can summon a trial, also known as an E-trial. It is an interrupt event that begins unexpectedly in both exploration and combat sectors. They are generally indicated by a T, which can be seen from any part of the sector that you are in.

Trials generally task you with a specific objective, such as defeating a specific number of enemies or defending a transportation truck. When the trial is completed, players will be rewarded with items and currencies.

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