PSO2 NGS: Elemental Defender

PSO2: NGS players can now able acquire the new Elemental Defender cosmetic set through an AC Scratch Ticket event.

Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis (PSO2: NGS) allows players to explore the fictional planet, Halpha.

Players are part of the next generation of ARKS operatives who have to team up with the mysterious Meteron to combat a new threat; the DOLLS.

Elemental Defender

Before you can play the game, you have to create and customize your character. There are numerous customization options to choose from, however, as you progress through the game you can collect cosmetics to customize your character even more.

PSO2: NGS’s developer, Sega, recently released a new cosmetic set that gamers can acquire, Elemental Defender.

This set contains various outfits, furniture, hairstyles and body items, including unique eyes, eyebrows, lashes and scar options.

PSO2 NGS: Elemental DefenderPSO2 NGS: Elemental DefenderPSO2 NGS: Elemental Defender
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The outfits are unlike any other outfits in PSO2: NGS, as every outfit corresponds to an element. Players can therefore acquire fire, wind and water outfits to customize their characters.

Each outfit is uniquely designed to represent its element. To procure one of the Elemental Defender cosmetic items, players must participate in the AC Scratch event.

AC Scratch

There are numerous types of Scratch events that players can enjoy to earn unique items. You can participate in the SF, FUN and Special Scratch Tickets using FUN points, which can be acquired for free.

However, you can only enjoy the AC Scratch Ticket event if you are using ARKS Cash.

Allegedly, you have to purchase the AC credits with real money. This essentially means that only gamers who are willing to spend real money in PSO2: NGS can obtain the Elemental Defender cosmetic items.

How to participate in AC Scratch Ticket event

To obtain an Elemental Defender cosmetic item, you have to open your menu and select the shop option. Players then have to select the tab that allows them to play Scratch Tickets, which will open another menu.

In this menu you have to choose the AC Scratch Ticket option, as this is the only Scratch Ticket section that allows players to procure the Elemental Defender items.

Keep in mind, however, that the Elemental Defender cosmetic items are only available until Tuesday, 5 December 2023.

Does Elemental Defender have any bonuses?

Players should note that none of the cosmetic items in PSO2: NGS can provide your characters with any bonuses or effects. The Elemental Defender can only alter the appearance of your character on the world map.

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