PSO2 NGS: Dustyl Hammer

One of the Veterans that you can defeat in PSO2: NGS is Dustyl Hammer, however, it requires high Battle Power.

In Phantasy Star Online: New Genesis (PSO2: NGS), you are part of the Artificial Relict to Keep Species (ARKS) organisation, whose main focus is to defeat a powerful threat – the DOLLS. There are numerous activities that you can enjoy in NGS, but you should primarily focus on the main story arc.

NGS takes place in the vast open world of Halpha, approximately 1000 years after the Oracle events. On this fictitious planet, you can harvest resources, defeat enemies, complete trials, obtain gear, and craft weapons.

One of the enemies that you can defeat is a Dustyl Hammer, but you should have high battle power before attempting to defeat it.

Battle Power in PSO2: NGS

Battle Power is a comprehensive quantification of your character’s statistics and equipment, which consists of weapons and gear. Some content in NGS requires a certain level of Battle Power, and if you do not meet these requirements, you cannot succeed in the battle.

There are numerous methods that you can use to increase your Battle Power, but the most common way is to increase your character’s level. However, you can also apply skill points acquired from Cocoons and Towers to increase the Battle Power.

By using all skill points in both man and subclass skill trees, your character’s Battle Power increases. Payers can also equip stronger weapons and gear to increase their Battle Power.

PSO2 NGS: Dustyl Hammer

In NGS, there are various types of enemies, one of which is Dread Enemies, also referred to as Veterans. These enemies are stronger, higher level versions of bosses that spawn in specific areas.

Veterans are usually overgrown with moss colouration added. They also have a much higher health point bar, and they deal greater damage than trial versions of the same level. Although they are more difficult to defeat, they reward you with more experience points.

Veterans also have a chance of dropping Dread Keeper I and Dread Keeper II when they are defeated. Higher level enemies drop Dread Keeper III.

Dread Enemies will spawn in their set locations 10 minutes after you create a room, which is a space that is created whenever you join a region. If the dread enemy is defeated, he will respawn after 10 minutes.

One of the Veterans that you can find in the Retem Region is the Dustyl Hammer and it can be found in the South of Retem.

PSO2 NGS: Dustyl Hammer
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On your way to the Dustyl Hammer’s location, you have to defeat several enemies, however, the battle against these enemies is much easier than the boss’ fight.

When you first attack Dustyl Hammer, he will begin phase 1, during which he will perform specific attacks. As the fight continues, he goes through numerous phases that consist of unique attacks and skills.

Depending on your character’s level and Battle Power, it takes approximately 10 minutes to defeat a Dustyl Hammer.

If the battle is too difficult, it is recommended that you equip stronger gear and weapons before attempting the battle again.

What is a Dread Keeper?

In NGS, Augmentation allows you to enchant your character’s armour and weapons. Augment offers an array of bonuses to a specific item, which can impact your gameplay.

Bear in mind that you have to collect the Dread Keeper augment before you can equip it to one of your gear or weapon pieces. Once slotted, your character will get numerous bonuses.

Dread Keeper bonuses

As previously stated, you will be rewarded with Dread Keepers if you successfully defeat a Dustyl Hammer. The table below lists the effects of each Dread Keeper:

Name Effect Success rate Battle Power
Dread Keeper I
  • Health points are increased by 10 points
  • Photon Points are increased by 3 points
  • Potency Floor is increased by 1 percent
  • Damage Resistance is increased by 1 percent
9 percent Your character will receive 7 additional Battle Power points
Dread Keeper II
  • Health points are increased by 15 points
  • Photon Points is increased by 4 points
  • Potency Floor is increased by 1.5 percent
  • Damage Resistance is increased by 1.5percent
8 percent Your character will receive 7.5 additional Battle Power points
Dread Keeper III
  • Health points are increased by 30 points
  • Photon Points is increased by 7 points
  • Potency Floor is increased by 2 percent
  • Damage Resistance is increased by 2 percent
8 percent Your character will receive 10 additional Battle Power points

Additional Dread Enemies

In addition to Dustyl Hammers, players can find the following Dread Enemies in specific locations:

Region Dread Enemies
  • Ard Banser
  • Ard Banshee
  • Bigg Frogga
  • Bujin
  • Chiacurio
  • Crag Bear
  • Daityl Axe
  • Daityl Sword
  • Eldi Scythe
  • Nogleth
  • Oruq
  • Varas
  • Bubble Snapper
  • Fortos Laser
  • Sand Nogleth
  • Renus Retem
  • Lizentos
  • Svaulon
  • Crocodylis
  • Frostyle Sword
  • Pangolan
  • Ice Banser
  • Snoruq
  • Relyn
  • Malachroid

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