PSO2 NGS: Duel Quest

Duel Quests in PSO2: NGS are high-difficulty solo quests for players who are confident in their combat capabilities, as they require a minimum battle power of 3119.

Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis (PSO2: NGS) is a thrilling video game that invites players to create and control a fictional character.

As part of the Artificial Relict to Keep Species (ARKS) organization, you must vanquish enemies and complete quests. One of the quests that you can complete are Duel Quests.

April 2023 update

In early April 2023, Sega, PSO2: NGS’ developer, released the patch notes for the month of April.

The update introduces chapter 5 of the story quests, and it allows you to explore the floating island, Leciel. It also revealed that Sega has updated the rewards for the daily and weekly tasks.

Players can now  earn new rewards by completing the daily and weekly objectives. Furthermore you can enjoy a new AC Scratch Ticket category, Combat Classics.

The update also added the new Slayer class to the game. This ranged class uses the new weapon series, Gunblade, which is ideal for continuous attacks.

PSO2 NGS: Duel Quest

There are several quests that you can complete in PSO2: NGS. Quests are instanced areas of the game where the goal is to complete a specific objective as best as you possibly can. It is important to note that each quest has its own mechanics and storyline.

Some quests in PSO2: NGS are mandatory to complete, as they are vital components of the game and guarantee that you will advance in it.

However, you can decide whether you want to complete side-quests or not. Although these quests do not influence the storyline, you will be rewarded with several items.

The April 2023 update revealed that players can now complete Duel Quests. These quests are high-difficulty solo quests for players who are confident in their combat capabilities.

The first phase offers 4 different quests that require you to confront each region’s boss enemy.

It is worth noting that these bosses are not normal variants – they have a prefix called Indomitable. This feature increases the bosses’ attack and health point statistics, which makes them more difficult to kill.

To start a Duel Quest, go to a quest counter, which are in all major cities in PSO2: NGS. In the “Duel Quest” tab, you can choose one of the four available bosses, all of which require a minimum battle power of 3119.

Once you start the quest, you will only have 5 minutes to destroy the enemy. Furthermore, you cannot revive normally if the boss kills you, thus players have to use other items to revive their character if they die during the fight.

PSO2 NGS: Duel Quest
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It is imperative that you use Defi Augments, as they provide your character with powerful boosts in Duel Quests. These Augments provide boosts respective to their designated Duel Quest Phases and they are only active in certain conditions.

Players can apply the Defi Augments to armor, but their effect will only be active when a main class weapon is equipped. There are 5 types of Defi Augments, each of which can be procured by completing the urgent quest, Happy Rappy Rumble.

Each Defi Augment provides your character with unique effects. For instance, Defi Haumeas increases potency by 7 percent and increases PB Gauge when attacking by 30 percent during a Duel Quest.

Defi Ceres, on the other hand, increases your critical hit rage by 5 percent while potency is increased by 7 percent during a Duel Quest.


Each quest has 2 title tasks and players will be rewarded for completing them. You can also obtain the new Formido Fusia Augment Capsule by completing the Duel Quests.

When you have completed all 4 quests of the first Duel Quest phase, you will receive a special reward.

If you complete the title tasks, you will be rewarded with unique cosmetics and Star Gems. Furthermore, you will receive rewards based on how long it took you to vanquish the enemy.

The faster you defeat the boss, the better the rewards you will earn. You will also receive rewards for simply completing the Duel Quests.

Fusia Augments

Once you have completed a Duel Quest in PSO2: NGS, you will be rewarded with a Fusia Augment. There are 2 augments in this category, but you will only get Formido Fusia. This Augment increases your Potency by 1 percent.

Formido Fusia is used to fuse together stronger Augments in the Item Lab. This essentially allows players to create new, stronger Augments, which can be applied to your characters to improve their efficiency.

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