PSO2 NGS: DOLLS transport heist

The DOLLS Transport Heist in PSO2: NGS is one of the Emergency Trials for which your character has to be level 39.

Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis (PSO2: NGS)is an exciting video game that combines strategic role-playing elements with tactical battles. Players can join the Artificial Relict to Keep Species (ARKS) organisation to defeat a powerful threat known as the DOLLS.

The game takes place approximately 1000 years after the Oracle events on Halpha, which is a fictitious planet. In addition to completing the main story arc, you can enjoy several activities and in-game events.

Although these features are quite enjoyable, it is advisable that you focus on the main story line. One of the activities that you can enjoy is the DOLLS Transport heist, which is an emergency trial.

Emergency trials

A trial is an interrupted event in PSO2: NGS that generally takes place in the Exploration and Combat Sectors. Trial markers, also known as T-Markers, are displayed when a trial is active. However, the trial’s time does not start until you interact with the trial’s enemies.

There is usually only 1 trial active, but 2 different emergency trials will occur at the same time occasionally. This is known as a Chaos Trial. When this happens, the trails use different coloured T-Markers to distinguish themselves from its targets.

There is a possibility that you could come across a non-player character during a trial, who functions as additional combatants.

PSO2 NGS: DOLLS transport heist

In PSO2: NGS, there are more than 10 emergency trials you can participate in, one of which is the DOLLS transport heist.

PSO2 NGS: DOLLS transport heist
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It is noteworthy to remember that the DOLLS Transport heist only occurs in South Kvaris and Beguna Ruins. If you are interested in completing a heist, it is recommended that you explore these areas for a chance to find a heist.

If you come across a DOLLS Transport heist, you need to destroy containers on a flying DOLLS Transport. Players can jump on a floating board and chase after the transport. The container is destroyed if you hit it with the floating board.

PSO2 NGS: DOLLS transport heist
© Sega

You have to destroy all of the containers to clear the trial. After successfully completing the trial, you will earn rewards. The rewards include, but are not limited to:

  • 1 500 N-Meseta
  • Icicle Orb
  • Low Temperature Damage Resistance is increased by a specific percentage
  • Blizzardium
  • Notable Kvaris Persimmon
  • Notable Kvaris Squid
  • Notable Kvaris Meat

Icicle orbs are mysterious energy materials that you can acquire by completing Kvaris trials. They are generally used to exchange items with Reso in Kvaris. Blizzardium is a rare mineral found in rocky places of Kvaris. It can also be exchanged for items in certain places.

Exchange shop

The Kvaris Exchange shop is an exchange shop where you can exchange Materials for items that you may find useful in the Kvaris Region. Players should note that the Quantity Limit of the exchange shop resets weekly.

The following table lists the items that you can purchase with blizzardium and icicle orbs:

Item Price
Low temperature damage resistance + 100 percent
  • Target Gathering Materials
  • Notable Kvaris Persimmon
  • Notable Kvaris Squid
  • Notable Kvaris Meat
  • Icicle Orbs
Decold Standard III
  • Decold Standard II
  • Icicle Cubes
  • Blizzardium
Kaizaar spear

Additional trials

As previously stated, there are numerous trials in PSO2: NGS. The following table lists some of these trials and provides a description of each one:

Trial name Description
Assembly Point Clearance Players have to clear out the enemy assembly point. Several pillars spawn at the trial location in 1 of several formations. You have to defeat all the enemies to clear the trial
Stellar Pack Collection You have to collect a stellar pack that has fallen from the sky after killing the enemies that protect it
Tansorve Destruction To clear this trial, you must defeat all the enemies and the Transorves, which are mysterious objects that continuously spawn DOLLS around it
Frost Zone Enemy Suppression Players have to suppress enemies that appear over a wide area. You can use floating boards and dash rings to defeat all of the targets and clear the trial

What level should you be to complete a DOLLS Transport heist?

The average enemy level in South Kvaris is level 39, while the average enemy level in Belugana Ruins is 40. In order to complete a DOLLS Transport Heist in either of these zones, your character has to at least be on level 39.

If you attempt to complete the trial before level 39, you may be unsuccessful.

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