PSO2 NGS: Curio Dragon Slayer

The Curio Dragon Slayer changes the appearance of your weapons in PSO2: NGS without changing its functionality.

Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis is an explorative video game that invites gamers to become part of the Artificial Relict to Keep Species (ARKS) organisation. It is up to you to destroy a threat called the DOLLS.

To defeat the enemies, you have to acquire powerful weapons. Players can acquire weapon camos to change the appearance of their weapons. One of the camos that you can obtain is Curio Dragon Slayer.

What is a weapon camo?

There are numerous weapons in PSO2: NGS, each of which has a distinct look. Every weapon has unique effects that can impact your gameplay. You may enjoy a weapon’s effects, but you do not like the weapon’s appearance.

Fortunately, players can change their weapons’ appearances by slotting a weapon camo on the weapon. However, it is crucial to note that equipping a weapon camo does not alter the weapon’s effects.

This means that a weapon camo only changes the weapon’s appearance and does not add additional buffs or bonuses to it.

In order to procure a weapon camo, you have to complete allotted tasks or objectives.

PSO2 NGS: Curio Dragon Slayer

In January 2023, Sega, PSO2:NGS’s developer, announced several new features that will be introduced to the game. They revealed that a new combat sector, namely, Neusen Plant, will be added to the game.

PSO2 NGS: Curio Dragon Slayer
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Unlike other Combat Sectors, the Neusen Plant requires a team of 8 players with a minimum Battle Power of 3069. It is therefore advisable that you do not attempt to complete the Combat Sector alone, as you will likely fail.

Instead, you can team up with other players to complete it. Once you have successfully vanquished all the enemies, you will be rewarded. One of the items that you can receive is the Curio Dragon Slayer weapon camo.

In order to receive this camo, you have to ensure that you defeat the Quartz Skodin boss, who has a powerful blitz attack. Bear in mind, though, that this boss might drop the Curio Dragon Slayer weapon camo upon defeat.

Quartz Skodin is a Former Enemy, which is a common name for enemies that look like beasts or automata. This enemy is more violent than TAMES and it will attack you on sight. Therefore, you should be prepared for  battle when you enter Neusen Plant.

It is noteworthy that you may get the weapon camo the first time you defeat it, however, it also means that you may have to defeat the boss several times to obtain the camo.

Players should remember that the Curio Dragon Slayer weapon camo is extremely rare and is allegedly rarer than the 8-Star weapon series, Gunblaze.

Neusen Plant

As previously mentioned, you should not try to complete Neusen Plant as a solo player. This is because the enemies in this combat sector are on a minimum level of 67, which indicates that only mid-game and endgame players should clear Neusen Plant.

In addition to receiving the Curio Dragon Slayer camo, you can procure the C/Noizel Note Augment, Gunblaze Almati, Koukloziat Almati CV, and Kouklophis Almati CV. The augment allows you to enchant your weapons to earn numerous buffs.

Although the other items are weapon camos that can be applied to your weapons to alter their appearance. Even though you may not receive the Curio Dragon Slayer camo, you could get one of the other camos.

Curio Dragon Slayer’s weapons

It is crucial to keep in mind that the Curio Dragon Slayer cannot be applied to all the weapons in PSO2: NGS.

The weapon camo can only be applied to swords, partisans, double sabres, rods, and wands. Hence, it is essential that you know what weapon type your character specializes in before farming the weapon camo.

If your character does not specialise in swords, partisans, double sabres, rods or wands, it is advisable that you do not farm the weapon camo.

However, if your character does specialize in one of those weapon types, you can farm the camo and apply it to your weapon to change its appearance.

How to slot a weapon camo

The weapon camo system allows players to change the external appearance of your weapon without changing its function.

It is essential to note that only 1 weapon camo can be slotted at a time. When a weapon camo is slotted, alters the appearance of all weapons in the applicable categories.

To slot a weapon camo, you have to open the main menu and select the inventory option. You then have to select  “Customise” before you select the weapon camo option.

If you choose a weapon camo item and apply it to your weapon. If you select the remove option, you can remove the camo, which will restore the appearance of the weapons that it altered.

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