PSO2 NGS: Crystia

The Crystia Weapon set in PSO2: NGS can only be purchased with seasonal points during the Autumn seasonal event.

Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis (PSO2: NGS) is a thrilling video game that combines role-playing elements with strategic battles.

As its name suggests, it is part of the classic Phantasy Star Online series and therefore, you are likely to encounter similar gameplay throughout the series.

However, PSO2: NGS was released a decade after its predecessor and as such, you can enjoy upgraded graphics, content and mechanics.

When you first start playing PSO2: NGS, you will only have limited access to weapons and gear. However, as you progress in the storyline, you will unlock additional gear and weapons. One of the weapons sets you can acquire is Crystia.

Why are weapons important?

You will obtain varying types of weapon sets as you advance in PSO: NGS. But keep in mind that each set has unique abilities, as some can provide you with a buff, while others can increase your character’s statistics.

Some weapons are considered better than others, however this depends on their rarity, abilities and buffs they provide for your character.

The main purpose of weapons is to increase your character’s strength and to deal damage to enemies. You cannot clear content or advance in the game without the use of weapons and equipment.

PSO2 NGS: Crystia

During the Autumn seasonal event, players can enjoy PSO2: NGS in a new and arguably, thrilling way. Bear in mind that this event is only active for a month. During this time, you have to complete specific tasks and missions to earn various rewards.

You will also discover a new non-player character, Xiemie, who is the ARKS Technology Development Member. When you interact with her, you will be able to purchase an array of items in exchange for seasonal points.

Seasonal Points is a limited time currency, and it can be acquired by completing Ziandy’s Tasks and Event Limited Tasks. However, enemies with the Season Mark also have a chance of dropping Seasonal Points once defeated.

In the Exchange Shop in PSO2: NGS, you can purchase various items, one of which is the 7-star Crystia weapons set. There are different weapons to choose from in this set, including a sword, a wire, a spear, a saber and a launcher among others.

PSO2 NGS: Crystia
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The Crystia weapon you purchase depends on the class you play. This is because each class specialises in a specific weapon.

In addition, each weapon has different augments slotted, which has the ability to improve your character’s statistics and abilities.

It is worth noting that the Crystia weapons cost approximately 10 000 seasonal points each. If you are interested in purchasing multiple Crystia weapons, you should ensure you have farmed enough seasonal points.

Once the event concludes, the seasonal points will no longer be available for collection. It is thus advised that you collect as many points as you can to purchase the weapons.

Which augments do the Crystia weapons have?

Each Crystia weapon is equipped with numerous augments. You can expect the following augments on your Crystia weapon:

  • C/Sezun Automfevre: When fighting seasonal enemies, your potency is increased by 5 percent, your critical hit rate is increased by 20 percent and your damage resistance is increased by 25 percent.
  • C/Eradi Soul III: Health points are increased by 10 percent, while photon points are increased by 4 percent. Moreover, potency is increased by 2.25 percent.
  • C/Triplble: It increases your potency by 2 percent
  • C/Alts Secreta III: It increases your potency and potency floor by 2 percent, while your health points are decreased by 10 points. On top of that, your damage resistance is decreased by 1.5 percent.

Xiandy’s tasks

You can acquire seasonal points by completing Xiandy’s tasks, however, her tasks are unique to the active seasonal event. This means that you will not complete the same tasks for every seasonal event.

Before you can complete her tasks, you first have to complete the introductory mission. Once completed, she will give you an array of tasks, some of which are indicated in the following table:

Task name Objective Rewards
A Land Blanketed in White II Players have to insert items into a R Mag Up to the specified points
  • 1000 N-Meseta
  • 100 Experience Points
  • 250 seasonal points
Mysterious Holographs Locate 10 Mischief Symbols
  • 10 000 N-Meseta
  • 100 Experience Points
  • 1 Tiger Uni Horn
Starlight Metamorphosis II Defeat the Dread Enemy marked with a symbol
  • 1000 N-Meseta
  • 100 Experience Points
  • 500 seasonal points
Exploring the Auburn Landscape II Produce 1 R Mag Boost
  • 1000 N-Meseta
  • 100 Experience Points
  • 250 seasonal points

Items in the exchange shop

In addition to the Crystia weapons, you can purchase the following items in PSO2: NGS:

Item Cost
Autumn 2022 SP Scratch Ticket 1000 seasonal points
Mag Form / Maplon Minimo 5000 seasonal points
MTN: Dash-Sledding/B 10 000 seasonal points
20 Star Gems 500 seasonal points

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