PSO2 NGS: Crystia weapons

In PSO2: NGS players can acquire a new 7-star weapons set, Crystia, however, they first have to obtain seasonal points.

Players are invited to become part of the Artificial Relict to Keep Species (ARKS) organisation in this thrilling video game, Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis (PSO2: NGS). The game is an updated version of the video game, Phantasy Star Online 2.

Although there are similar features in both games, you will find that there are improved graphics and gameplay in PSO2: NGS.

When you first start playing PSO2: NGS, your character will be equipped with basic gear and weapons.  However, as you advance in the main story quests, you will require more powerful gear and weapons.

One of the weapons sets you can collect is Crystia, however, you first have to farm seasonal points.

How to obtain seasonal points

In order to purchase a Crystia weapon, players need approximately 10 000 seasonal points. Although it sounds like a daunting task, it can be quick and easy to obtain.

It is worth remembering that you can only acquire seasonal points during a seasonal event, which takes place several times a year.

It can be acquired by completing Ziandy’s Tasks and Event Limited Tasks. That being said, enemies with the Season Mark also have a chance of dropping seasonal points once defeated.

Some tasks will reward you with more seasonal points than others, however, they are usually more difficult than the tasks that reward you with less points.

PSO2 NGS: Crystia weapons

During the Autumn 2022 Seasonal Event, players will discover a new non-player character called Xiemi, and she is an ARKS Technology Development Member.

By interacting with her, you will be able to purchase several items, some of which is indicated in the following table:

Item Cost
Autumn 2022 SP Scratch Ticket 1000 seasonal points
Head-Mounted Ryuker Device 5 000 seasonal points
Special Scratch Ticket 500 seasonal points

In addition to these items, players can purchase weapons from the Crystia set. Each weapon contains the following Augments:

  • C/Sezun Automfevre: When fighting seasonal enemies, your potency is increased by 5 percent, your critical hit rate is increased by 20 percent and your damage resistance is increased by 25 percent.
  • C/Eradi Soul III: Health points are increased by 10 percent, while photon points are increased by 4 percent. Additionally, potency is increased by 2.25 percent.
  • C/Triplble: It increases your potency by 2 percent.
  • C/Alts Secreta III: It increases your potency and potency floor by 2 percent, while your health points are decreased by 10 points. Also, your damage resistance decreases by 1.5 percent.

It is crucial that you carefully consider which weapon you have to purchase. This is because each class in PSO2: NGS uses a specific weapon. If you purchase the wrong weapon, you will not be able to exchange it for the correct weapon.

You then have to farm seasonal points all over again to purchase the correct weapon for your character. Bear in mind that each Crystia weapon can only be purchased two times.

PSO2 NGS: Crystia weapons
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What weapons does each class use?

There are currently more than 5 classes in PSO2: NGS and it is essential to remember that each class uses a different weapon, which determines its playstyle. The following table lists each class, and which Crystia weapon they should use:

Class Recommended weapon
  • Crystia sword
  • Crystia wired lances
  • Crystia twin daggers
  • Crystia knuckles
  • Crystia rifle
  • Crystia launcher
  • Crystia rifle
  • Crystia machine gun
  • Crystia rod
  • Crystia talises
  • Crystia wand
  • Crystia talises
  • Crystia katana
  • Crystia bow
  • Crystia boots
  • Crystia harmonizer

Can players acquire the Crystia weapons set after the event?

At the time of writing, the Autumn 2022 Seasonal Event is active, and it will only be active for a month. It is unknown whether or not the Crystia weapons set will be permanently added to PSO2: NGS after the event.

It is thus recommended that you farm seasonal points to purchase a Crystia weapon while the event is active.

Rumour has it that the seasonal point currency will be removed from the game once the event has concluded. Therefore, you should purchase items from the Exchange Store while the event is active, as you will not be able to do so after the event.

Is the Crystia a good weapon?

All the weapons in PSO2: NGS are categorized in different rarities. This means that a 1-star weapon is fairly easy to acquire, but it is considered below average and should thus only be used during the early stages of the game.

Since the Crystia weapons are 7-stars, it is seen as one of the best weapons in the game.

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