PSO2 NGS: Cocoon locations

Although there are 20 cocoons that can be found in PSO2: NGS, only 8 cocoon locations are known.

You are invited to become part of the Artificial Relict to Keep Species (ARKS) organisation in this thrilling video game, Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis (PSO2: NGS).

As the game’s name suggests, it is an updated version of the classic game, Phantasy Star Online 2. Although there are similar features in both games, you will encounter updated graphics and mechanics in NGS.

The game is set in the fictitious realm of Halpha, 1000 years after the events of Oracle. You can explore a vast open world, defeat enemies, complete quests, and discover interesting features of the game. While exploring, you may come across cocoons, which can be found in various areas.

What are cocoons?

Cocoons are peculiar structures in the fields of Halpha. Contained within them are enclosed instanced quests, which teach you new movements and combat techniques. Players will be rewarded once the quest is completed.

PSO2 NGS: Cocoon locations
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You will also receive skill points, which you can use to unlock class skills at the Class Counter. Bear in mind that you only receive 1 skill point for every cocoon quest that you complete. Players can currently earn 20 skill points from cocoons.

After finding a cocoon, you must interact with it to discover the quest details. Players are also shown party settings that they can use to restrict access to the party.

PSO2 NGS: Cocoon locations

There are currently 20 cocoon structures that you can discover in the vast open world. On your map, cocoons are indicated by pink, barrel-like icons.

There are 8 known cocoon locations, but these structures are not necessarily out in the open. Thus, it is advisable that you look for large, black cubes while you are exploring.

PSO2 NGS: Cocoon locations
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You can find cocoons in the Aelio Region:

Quest name Location
First step Players can find this cocoon northeast of Central City while completing The First Trial quest
Enhanced Enemy This structure can be found to the west of Central City, when you are following the Advice from Liu Lin II quest
Wild Rush To access this cocoon, you need to reach the top of Mount Piccolt. You also have to defeat 42 enemies once you are inside
Runway You can find this cocoon by entering the cave behind a waterfall east of the Balflow Falls
Test Flight Players have to glide from the northwest peninsula to the small island just off the coast to access this cocoon
Roaring Rush It is near the southwest corner of the map, just below Crykau Hills
Swift Jump You can find it in the open north of the Halphana Wetlands
Fleeting Flight This cocoon is situated on an island south of Halphia Lake

It is worth noting that you must complete the quest before you can earn the rewards.

Aelio Cocoon quests

Since each cocoon’s quest is unique, players have to perform specific tasks at every cocoon to complete the quest, which are:

Quest name Quest description
First step Players have to complete a training course while using movement techniques and weapons to destroy targets
Enhanced Enemy To complete this quest, you must defeat a lone Pedas Sword. At the back of its neck, you will find a yellow core that reduces damage from the Pedas Sword. When the core is broken, the shield is removed
Wild Rush Players have to defeat 42 enemies to complete this quest
Runway You have to reach the finish point to complete the quest
Test Flight You have to reach the finish point to complete the quest
Roaring Rush Players must successfully cross the finish point to complete the quest
Swift Jump This quest features a platforming challenge, which consists of platforms that are suspended over a bottomless void
Fleeting Flight For this quest, you have to defeat the powerful Bujin

Additional cocoons

As mentioned, there are only 8 known locations of cocoons in PSO2: NGS, which means that you have to find the other cocoons on your own. Keep in mind that you also have to complete the quests when you discover a cocoon:

Region Quest name Description
Retem Vanishing Path Players have to defeat the Fortos Laser
Kvaris Crazy Tail To complete the quest, you have to defeat the Pangolan
Retem Narrow Cage You have to defeat all enemies to complete the quest
Kvaris Clockwork Prison Players have to defeat the Malachroid
Retem Parkour Master You have to defeat all enemies

Side missions

Each cocoon in the game has a main mission that you can complete to earn rewards. However, some cocoons also have side missions, namely:

Quest name Side mission
First Step
  • Clear before 5:00
  • Clear before 10:00
  • Obtain 10 point cubes
Swift Jump
  • Clear before 1:25
  • Clear without falling 5 times
  • Clear while using Glide less than 5 times
Buddy Attack
  • Maintain your hacked Drome’s level to 3 to clear
  • Clear without taking damage fewer than 20 times
  • Clear without being incapacitated 3 times
Crazy Tail
  • Clear before 3:30
  • Inflict over 900 damage over 2 times
  • Clear having taken damage fewer than 7 times

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