PSO2 NGS: Chat commands

Similarly to other role-playing titles, PSO2: NGS has an in-game chat feature which has unique commands that gamers can use.

Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis (PSO2: NGS) is an adventurous video game in which you can put your strategic abilities to the test.

Considering that the game is based on the classic video game, Phantasy Star Online 2, you will likely encounter similar dynamics in the games.

However, NGS was released a decade after its predecessor, which means that players can enjoy updated graphics, gameplay, and mechanics.

The game contains an array of activities and events, however, it is advised that you focus on the main storyline. While you advance in the game, you may join a guild or meet other players.

PSO2: NGS, like most games, also features an in-game chat that you can use which has numerous commands.

What is the in-game chat?

The in-game chat allows players of multiplayer video games to communicate within the game that they are playing. The chat can be text-based, or it can incorporate voice and video messaging capabilities, depending on the game and platform that you are using.

PSO2: NGS only uses text-based chats, which means that you cannot see the faces of the people with whom you are chatting.

Keep in mind that the in-game chat generally has a profanity filter, so that players cannot ruin the game experience with swearing. It also has a spam limiter, which prevents players from spamming the in-game chat with unnecessary messages.

PSO2 NGS: Chat commands

In PSO2, chat commands are special words or icons that can be typed in the chat to invoke commands, some of which are:

Category Command Result
Symbol arts /symbol1 – /symbol40 This command shares the symbol art that is saved to the corresponding saved slot
Stamps /st identification number. It shares the stamp based on the stamp identification number, so if you use /st 1, it results in the ash hello stamp
Lobby action /la <action name> It performs the specified lobby action according to your character’s gender
Lobby action /cla <action name> Performs the opposite gender version of the lobby action
Facial expressions /face1 – /face9 It performs the specified facial expression to display the expression for duration
Facial expressions /fc off Return to a neutral facial expression
Hand poses ha Targets both hands
Hand poses lha Targets left hand
Hand poses ha Targets right hand
Equipment /ms1 – /ms18 It changes to the corresponding my set number. Players can set their equipment at the class counter
Equipment /mf1 – /mf30 It changes to the corresponding fashion set
Facial expressions /ceall This command lets your character, and all surrounding characters, look at the camera for 10 seconds
Equipment /mpal1 – /mpal6 Switches to the corresponding weapon palette

It is noteworthy that you can use hand poses in conjunction with lobby actions in chat commands. Hand pose commands can thus be added after a lobby action command, for instance, “/la greet iha raiseindexfinger rha clenchedfist.”

Facial expressions

There are 9 facial expressions that your character can use in the game and you have to use a specific number to trigger a certain facial expression.

When using the facial expression command, you can use s(x) to display the expression for a duration in seconds and you can use stop to skip the talking animation.

Players can use these facial expressions in PSO2: NGS:

Expression number Expression
1 Neutral
2 Smile
3 Angry
4 Sad
5 Suspicious
6 Eyes closed
7 Neutral 2
8 Smiling 2
9 Wink

Bear in mind that cut-ins can be created with the command “/ci(x) (y)”, where “x” is the facial expression, and “y” is the angle you can use:

Angle number Angle
1 Normal
2 At an angle level with the head
3 At an angle level above the head
4 At the angle below the head
5 From the side

Can you change the colour of your text?

Players can change the colour of their text by adding these commands before their text in the in-game chat and custom status messages:

Command Colour
{def} Revert to default
{whi} White
{gra} Grey
{pur} Purple
{blu} Blue
{yel} Yellow
{ora} Orange
{blk} Black
{vio} Violet
{gre} Green
{bei} Beige
{red} Red
PSO2 NGS: Chat commands
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Additional commands and shortcuts

Gamers can use the following chat commands and shortcuts to their benefit:

Category Command Result
Command /a Players can use this command to send nearby characters a message
Shortcut Ctrl You can push down the button to speed up non-player-character’s conversations
Command /p Send a message to a party
Shortcut Shift You can use it to toggle between missions and revert clothing in the shop preview
Command /bl Players can blacklist the person that they are whispering to
Command /vo1 – /vo12 Play voice-over lines from your character’s voice

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