PSO2 NGS: Ceremo Rappy

PSO2: NGS players could defeat Ceremo Rappy to acquire N-Grinders and Lightning Exploits during the 9th Anniversary Event.

Players are invited to become part of the Artificial Relict to Keep Species (ARKS) in this role-playing video game, Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis (PSO2: NGS). This game is an updated version of the well-renowned game, Phantasy Star Online 2.

The New Genesis installation was released 10 years after its predecessor, which means that it features new content, graphics, and gameplay in.

The setting of the game is approximately a thousand years after the Oracle events, and it takes place on a fictional planet called Halpha.

There are several activities and events you can enjoy as you advance in the game, however, you first have to create and customise a character.

Does the game feature enemies?

There are a variety of enemies that you have to defeat on Halpha, and you can allegedly earn amazing rewards for every enemy you slay. These rewards include, but are not limited to, experience points, weapons, gear, resources, and some form of an in-game currency.

These rewards can influence your gameplay significantly. Though there are different types of enemies, the main storyline of the game focuses on the DOLLS.

These monsters have a gel-like musculature that is protected by a unique exoskeleton. They follow the orders of Dark Falz, who is a major antagonist in the Phantasy Star series.

PSO2 NGS: Ceremo Rappy

During some PSO2:NGS Season Events, unique enemy types occasionally spawn with modified designs and alternative weaknesses. These enemies drop Seasonal Points and additional rewards, depending on the season, and the quantity of Seasonal Points accumulated.

PSO2 NGS: Ceremo Rappy
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The PSO 9th Anniversary Event commenced on 7 July 2021 and concluded on 14 August 2021. During this time, players could defeat Ceremo Rappy, who is a harmless mascot-like bird that is way too adorable for its own good.

Once defeated, Ceremo Rappy drops incredibly rare items that are generally only available during the event. During the event, those participating stood a chance to obtain N-Grinders and Lightning Exploit I by slaying a Ceremo Rappy.

A N-Grinder is a material used to enhance armour and weapons. It can draw out capabilities beyond the item’s limits. Whereas the Lighting Exploit I increase a character’s potency by 2.5 percent against enemies that are weak to Lightning.

Players also allegedly stood a chance to receive a piece from the Glissen Series if they defeated a Ceremo Rappy. When a Ceremo Rappy finds others of its kind, they sing along to Rappy Fever together.

If you waved to a Ceremo Rappy during the event, they waved back. This variant of Rappies were only available in specific locations, namely Central Aelio, North Aelio, South Aelio, West Aelio, and Mt. Magnus.


You can enhance your equipment and gear with N-Grinders, which you can procure by defeating Ceremo Rappies. Enhancing is done at the Item Lab located in Central City.

Every piece of equipment you use to enhance another piece will cost you 1 N-Grinder, and a number of N-Meseta. The total cost is based on the rarity of the item being enhanced.

PSO2 NGS: Ceremo Rappy
© Sega

Players should be aware that enhancement cannot go beyond certain points for equipment without Limit Breaking based on the item’s rarity. The starting limit is at +10 at level 1, +20 at level 2, +30 at level 3, and +40 at level 4. Enhancing equipment does not risk any failure.

Glissen Series

As stated above, players had a chance to loot a weapon from the Glissen Series by defeating a Ceremo Rappy. The weapons in this series deal an additional 15 percent damage to enemies that are weak to lightning, and 10 percent damage to enemies that are not.

The series contains different types of weapons, which are highlighted in the table below:

Technique weapons Ranged weapons Melee weapons
·   Rods

·   Jet boots

·   Wands

·   Talises





·   Bows

·   Twin Machine Guns

·   Launchers

·   Assault Rifles





·   Swords

·   Soaring Blades

·   Wired Lances

·   Katanas

·   Partisans

·   Knuckles

·   Twin Daggers

·   Double Sabers

Will the Ceremo Rappy return to the game?

Since the Ceremo Rappy was added to the game during the PSO2: NGS 9th Anniversary Event, it is unclear if they will appear in the game again in the future. However, it is likely that a new variant of the Rappies will be introduced into the game, but this is yet to be confirmed.

The table below lists all the past Rappies that were only available for a limited time:

Rappy variant Occurrence
Anni Rappy It only spawned during the first anniversary event NGS
Hululu Rappy This variant only spawns during the Spring 2022 Event
Moongaze Rappy It was only available during the Autumn Moon-Gazing Event
Nord Rappy Players could find this variant during the Winter Event

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