PSO2 NGS: Cannonball Strike

Although Cannonball Strike is very similar to Cannonball Rumble in PSO2: NGS, it offers players different rewards.

In this strategic game, Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis (PSO2: NGS), players can put their tactical abilities to the test and experience role-playing elements.

This game is based on the classic video game, Phantasy Star Online, and hence, you will experience similar features in both games. Since NGS was released a decade after its predecessor, it has updated gameplay and graphics.

NGS is set a thousand years following the events of Oracle on Halpha, a vast, fictional planet. There is an array of activities and in-game events that you can enjoy, but it is advisable that you focus on the main story arc.

NGS’ developer, Sega, recently introduced a new game mode called Cannonball Strike, which is similar to Cannonball Rumble.

What is a game mode?

Like other role-playing titles, NGS contains different game modes, which is a distinct configuration that varies gameplay and affects how other mechanics function.

A game with various modes often presents unique settings in each mode and changes how a particular element of the game is played.

Generally, video games have 2 modes, namely player-versus-player (PvP) and player-versus-environment (PvE). In addition to these modes, you can also experience a sandbox mode, time attack mode, and power-up mode, among others.

That being said, you cannot enjoy all of the game modes while you are playing PSO2: NGS as the game’s modes are limited. However, you can experience unique game modes that cannot be found in other titles.

PSO2 NGS: Cannonball Strike

In order to keep players motivated and engaged in the game, Sega occasionally introduces new content and features to NGS. It recently introduced a new game mode called Cannonball Strike. Although this mode is similar to Cannonball Rumble, it does have unique elements.

PSO2 NGS: Cannonball Strike
© Sega

To begin the game mode, players have to find Artie, a non-player character (NPC), to pick up the quest. Keep in mind that you have to complete the Cannonball Rumble quest before you can begin the Cannonball Strike quest.

When you are presented with the quest, you will receive 50 Icicle Orbs and 300 00 experience points when you enter the game mode. After accepting the quest, you can follow the quest markers, which will lead you directly to a door.

In order to complete the quest, your character has to be at least level 60 with their main class and your required battle power is 2647. It can thus be said that this game mode can only be enjoyed by endgame players.

When you begin the mode, you will notice that it appears exactly the same as Cannonball Rumble. You have to kill enemies before you can obtain their cannonballs. You can throw the cannonballs at several targets, which are scattered across the room.

After the 3 waves, you will get a score, which is determined by the enemies that you kill as well as wave completions.

PSO2 NGS: Cannonball Strike
© Sega


When you complete the quest, either by running out of time, or by completing all 3 waves, you will earn rewards. Bear in mind that the rewards that you receive are based on your current rank.

The guaranteed rewards that you receive are quite similar to Cannonball Rumble, as you will earn Class Cubes, Super Augments, Decode Augments, and Strugments.

Unlike the Cannonball Rumble, players get 2 additional cubes when they are on the S-rank. In addition to the guaranteed rewards, you have a chance of obtaining cosmetics. There are currently 4 accessories that you can receive as well as 2 motion changes.

It is unknown whether or not your rank has an influence on the chances of the cosmetics dropping.

Should you be part of a party to play Cannonball Strike?

You can enjoy PSO2:NGS mode solo, or as part of a party with other players. However, it is better to either enjoy the mode solo, or with 4 players.

That is because with a party of 2 or 3 members, you get as many targets as you would get with a full group. When you play solo, you have to defeat less targets and Gigantics do not spawn.

Unfortunately, it is quite difficult to form a party for Cannonball Strike, as it does not have a matchmaking system. Players thus have to form a party themselves or join a party that is already created.

Cannonball Rumble versus Cannonball Strike

Although Cannonball Rumble and Cannonball Strike are similar, they have key variations when it comes to rewards.

It is advised that players rather play Cannonball Strike instead of Cannonball Rumble, as they are guaranteed 2 class cubes with Cannonball Strike, with the possibility of obtaining a cosmetic.

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