PSO2 NGS: Can you remove Augments?

Players cannot remove Augments from weapons or gear items in PSO2: NGS, however, they can perform an Augment Transfer.

Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis (PSO2: NGS) is a video game that combines strategic fights with role-playing elements.

Since you are part of the Artificial Relict to Keep Species (ARKS) organisation, it is up to you to team up with a mysterious ally to defeat a powerful threat.

When you first start playing PSO2: NGS, your main goal should be increasing your character’s level by collecting experience points. You also have to focus on equipping your character with the correct gear.

You can go through the Augmentation process to improve and upgrade your character’s gear. This has led to many PSO2: NGS players wondering if Augments can be removed.


The Augmentation process allows you to enchant your character’s weapons and armour pieces. Augment offers players an array of bonuses to a specific item, which can impact your gameplay.

The bonuses include but are not limited to an increase in damage dealt, providing your character with damage resistance, and additional health points.

You can get Augments by collecting Augment Capsules, which you can acquire by defeating enemies. Bear in mind that each capsule can be affixed based on its rarity and other factors.

PSO2 NGS: Can you remove Augments?
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You can add Augments to your items by visiting the Item Lab’s non-player character (NPC) in Central City. Players can equip 10 Augments on their character’s gear and weapons.

PSO2 NGS: Can you remove Augments?

The Augmentation process is reserved for endgame players, considering how much time and resources are required to get great results. It is thus advisable that you do not rush into adding Augments to your weapons, as you will be changing weapons faster than you think.

It is recommended that you save up as many Augment Capsules as possible for you to add them to a weapon.

There is a possibility that you may realise that you accidentally equipped the wrong Augment on a weapon. There is also a chance that you have acquired a more beneficial Augment for your weapon.

Unfortunately, once an Augment has been equipped, you cannot remove it from the weapon or gear piece, but you can perform an Augment Transfer.

Augment Transfer allows gamers to completely remove all of the Augments of 1 item to another. Unlike S-Grade Augment Transfer, which is considered an overwrite.

This means that the normal Augments on the main item cannot be left behind after the transfer. After transferring your Augments, the Augments on the fodder item become empty.

If you use S-Grade Augment Capsules and Affix Augment Capsules for the transfer, they can be added to the main item while expanding by 1 slot for the Fodder item.

For instance, by expanding the main item to 8 slots, with 1 S-grade Augment and 7 normal Augments, and putting the Fodder item, with 6 slots, and an Affix Augment Capsule, you can simultaneously implant 6 of the Fodder Augments and Capsule for the 7 Augments section.

PSO2 NGS: Can you remove Augments?
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What does Augment Transfer cost?

Players have to acquire Augment Transfer Passes to transfer an item’s Augments. Additionally, the transfer requires a certain amount of N-Meseta. The costs for Augment transfers are:

Number of slots on main item Number of Augment Transfer passes Meseta cost
1 5 10 000
2 5 40 000
3 5 90 000
4 5 150 000
5 15 200 000
6 25 240 000
7 50 1 456 000
8 100 1 920 000

How to add Augments

Once you are ready to equip Augments, visit the Lab Enhancement Technician in Central City. By interacting with her, players can select the “Add Augments” option, which will trigger a new menu.

In the new menu, you can pick the weapon you want to add Augments to. Take note that the weapon must have some slots available for Augments to be put in.

Players can discover the weapons that have empty slots by looking at the rainbow-coloured icon in the right bottom corner of their description. If the weapon has available slots, but has no Augment added, it will show a numeric value, like “0/2”.

This means that you can add 2 Augments to the item.

Types of Augments you can acquire in PSO2: NGS

There are more than 15 Augments in PSO2: NGS, but some Augments are considered better than others. The table outlines some of the Augments:

Augment name Description
Spirit It increases your character’s maximum Photon Points
Meltech Dualble It increases the damage dealt by Melee and Technique weapons
Freeze Ward This Augment increases resistance to freeze status effect
Ret Domina It increases your character’s health points by 15, and your potency by 1.5 percent
Super Spira This Augment Increases your ranged weapon potency by 2 percent and your Photon Points are increased by 5 points

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