PSO2 NGS: Braver build

Braver is one of the classes in PSO2: NGS, and it follows a specific build to be successful in the game.

Gamers are invited to join the Artificial Relict to Keep Species (ARKS) organisation in this exhilarating game, Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis (PSO2: NGS).

It is your responsibility to team up with a mysterious ally to defeat a powerful threat – the DOLLS. Before you can explore the gigantic open world of Halpha, you must create and customise a character.

NGS allows you to select your character’s height, facial expressions, hairstyle, hair colour, gender, and name among other features. Players also have to select their character’s class, one of which is the Braver and it follows a specific build.

Which classes are in NGS?

NGS does not have the full range of classes that its predecessor had, but this does not mean that it is easy to pick a class. There are currently 6 unique classes to play with in NGS, some of which are:

Class name Description
Hunter They have high defences and health points, which makes them perfect tanks
Fighter Fighters only serve one purpose, and that is to deal as much damage as they can as fast as possible
Ranger These characters fight from a distance, but they can also support their allies
Gunner Gunners use firearms to deal damage to their enemies

PSO2 NGS: Braver build

In addition to the classes mentioned previously, you can also become a Braver, who is a powerful damage dealer. The class is very similar to Fighters and Gunners, but Bravers can be effective at short and long-range attacks.

PSO2 NGS: Braver build
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You should bear in mind that Bravers have 2 equippable weapons, a katana and a bow. The katana is a highly mobile melee weapon that deals several rapid-fire attacks every second. This weapon is able to deal constant damage-per-second due to its barrage of fast attacks.

The katana’s weapon action is Guard, which converts a block into a parry. However, the Katana Guard Counter skill has to be purchased to parry attacks while Guard Counter Advanced increases the damage that is dealt from a successful parry.

With regard to Photon Arts, it is recommended that katana players use Iris Gale and Lotus Lightning. Iris Gale is a fast-slashing Photon Art that you can change by using it multiple times, consecutively. This skill excels against mobile targets.

Iris Gale is an area-of-effect skill and Lotus Lightning is a single target attack. It is allegedly the katana’s hardest hitting Photon Art, which makes it the perfect choice to spawn when Brave Combat is Active.

PSO2 NGS: Braver build
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It is the go-to ability for boss encounters once you are in range of your enemies. However, Lightning Lotus is not useful in most situations, and such a third Photon Art, Silverleaf Storm, can be used to quickly clear PSE Bursts and to farm regular mobs.

Alternative weapon

Braver class in PSO2: NGS can also use a bow, which is a medium range weapon that relies on outstanding mobility to avoid attacks. It can deal a fair amount of damage relative to its slower fire rate.

It is worth noting that the bow is best treated as a complementary weapon instead of a standalone weapon.

The bow’s weapon action is Elusion, and it provides a simple dodge that moves your character laterally. If you are using a bow, you should unlock Bow Elusion Plus to get the most benefits from Elusion.

Bow’s Photon Arts

When you are using the bow, it is recommended that you begin every engagement by setting up Dimensional Ray. Since it functions as a turret, it deals passive damage in the background over time while you focus on using other attacks.

After Dimensional Ray, you can activate Flex Arrow, which is the most reliable Art that is available to the bow. It is worth charging it up to deal more damage if you are in a position to do so safely.

Keep in mind that you have to activate Elusion in between these Arts to stay on the move, which makes it more difficult for enemies to attack you.

Bravers’ skills

The class’s signature Active Skill is Brave Combat, and it reduces Photon Point consumption by 80 percent. It also increases Photon Point recovery by 150 percent for 30 seconds when it is active.

PSO2: NGS players have to wait 2 minutes between uses to activate this skill, but it should still be used as often as possible. Furthermore, Brave Combat can be further improved by unlocking Brave Combat Short Cycle and Brave Combat Final Bonus.

Short Cycle decreases the time and the cooldown of Brave Combat, and Final Bonuses is an objective improvement. It provides enhanced health points and Photon Points recovery after the skill is used.

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