PSO2 NGS: Bouncer Rework

Sega recently revealed that the PSO2: NGS Bouncer class is being reworked, which means that its skills and weapons are being adjusted.

In Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis (PSO2: NGS) you can join the ARKS to defend the planet of Halpha from unknown threats.

When you start playing the game you will be able to choose a character class, which determines the abilities and skills that you will use to defeat foes.

Bouncer Rework

There are various classes that you can choose from, one of which is the Bouncer. The game’s developer, Sega, recently announced the December 2023 update and it revealed that the Bouncer class is being reworked.

PSO2 NGS: Bouncer Rework
© Sega

This essentially means that the Bouncer’s skills, its Soaring Blade as well as its Jet Boots will be adjusted. The following table outlines some of the Bouncer’s skill adjustments:

Skill Adjustment
Blade Arts Parry Implemented an effect where, when an attack is successfully negated, the skill can be used again during the same Photon Art.
Pinion Blade Changed the class skill name to Blade Arts Alternation. The effect was also changed so that pressing a different Photon Art button at the right time while performing a Photon Art will unleash the former’s Variant Attack.
Fanatic Blade Changed the effect to the firing of Photon Blades at a specific time during Photon Arts while the effect is active. The developers also adjusted the effect duration and cooldown time.
Thrust Drive Adjusted the performance of this ability.

Additional Bouncer adjustments

As previously mentioned Sega also implemented adjustments to the Bouncer’s Soaring Blade and Jet Boots. The table below lists the adjustments:

Category Adjustment
Jet Boots
  • Adjusted attack effects
  • Adjusted the performance of Normal Attacks and Photon Arts
Soaring Blade
  • Adjusted attack effects
  • Adjusted the performance of Normal Attacks and Photon Arts
  • Changed the motion of the Bouncer’s weapon action and adjusted its performance

Can you change classes in PSO2: NGS?

Since the Bouncer has been reworked, several players have been wanting to experiment with the adjustments. If you are not a Bouncer, you can change classes by making your way to Central City.

Once you are in the city, you have to travel to the main strip where you will find a vendor named Croche under a blue sign.

Croche is the Class Counter representative, and she can help you with a number of class-related things.

If you speak to her, you can change your class, reset your skill trees, learn class skills and change loadouts, among other things.

General adjustments

In addition to the Bouncer adjustments, Sega revealed that they will be adjusting several features of PSO2: NGS. You can therefore expect enemy, quests, fields, interface, character creation and creative space adjustments.

Moreover, Sega made adjustments to some items that you can procure while progressing in the game.

To ensure that the adjustments are implemented in your game, we recommend that you install the latest version of PSO2: NGS available.

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