PSO2 NGS: Bouncer guide

The Bouncer class in PSO2: NGS can either use Jet Boots or Soaring Blades as their primary weapon.

Gamers are invited to explore the world of Halpha in this adventurous game, Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis (PSO2: NGS).

As part of the Artificial Relict to Keep Species (ARKS) organisation, it is your responsibility to team up with an ally to defeat a powerful threat called the DOLLS. Before you can begin the main quest of NGS, you must create and customise a character.

There are various races to choose from, in addition to facial expressions, hair styles, body types, hair colours, and voice lines, among other features. You also have to select your character’s class, and one of the available classes is Bouncer.

Does your race affect your class in NGS?

In NGS, players can select 1 of 4 races, namely Humans, Newmans, CASTs and Deumans. Unlike in PSO2, the races in NGS do not vary in statistics. This means that players can create whichever character they want.

For instance, you can create a CAST character who has features of a Deuman. It is recommended that you do not invest too much time selecting a race, as by the time you reach the endgame, it will not matter which race you picked.

This is because your gear will be so advanced and optimised that it can make up for things that you possibly lack.

PSO2 NGS: Bouncer guide

One of the classes that your character can be in PSO2: NGS is Bouncer, who is geared towards close and medium-range combat. Bouncers are highly mobile and are skilled at aerial combat.

PSO2 NGS: Bouncer guide
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Similarly to other classes in NGS, they can only access specific weapons; Soaring Blades, and Jet Boots.

Moreover, Bouncers have class-exclusive skills, some of which are listed below:

Skill Description
Defeat PP Gain When an enemy suffers from a physical or elemental down, players will get a 50 percent PP refill based on their maximum PP. However, special downed phases do not activate the skill
Decline Amplifier It directly influences the rate at which physical or elemental declines reach the next tier. This is achieved by increasing the decline generation efficiency from Jet Boots and Soaring Blades’ Photon Arts
Partial Destroy Advantage If you destroy an enemy’s part, the damage dealt increases and the amount of damage taken is reduced. The bonuses are only applied to the target enemy
Defeat Amplifier It increases the physical and elemental down factors that are applied to your attack sources. This makes it easier to invoke physical and elemental down at a quicker rate
PSO2 NGS: Bouncer guide
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Soaring Blades’ Photon Arts

Soaring Blades make up the melee damage side of this class’s arsenal, as it has close range attacks with various utilities.

The weapon’s skill, Raving Falcon, allows players to deal damage from afar in dangerous situations, or movements where the enemy is moving too fast to deal melee attacks.

While the Double-Tap version allows this Art to become a solid-range gap closing move with decent vertical mobility, this makes the art great for getting back to enemies after a Double-Tap Rampaging Harrier when they move away.

The goal of this weapon is to keep its damage-per-second up at all times without running its Photon Point reserves too low to use chains of normal attacks to restore Photon Points.

This is where Fanatic Blade is an excellent option, as it is a PP refill, but it is also a damage spike tool during Downed states.

Although you can ignore Roaring Pheasant, you should use Step Counter whenever possible.

PSO2 NGS: Bouncer guide
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Jet Boots

Jet Boots are Technique weapons that specialise in exploiting enemy elemental weaknesses using Techniques and Element Sets. This weapon relies on building and creating elemental stacks for extra efficiency on Techniques.

Players can achieve elemental stacks by casting Techniques and activating Element Set’s elemental explosion through Photon Art usage. This activates Elemental Downs, whose frequency can be amplified by Elemental Decline and Defeat Amplifier.

In addition to this, it is advisable that you use Jetsweep Jolt, as it grants invulnerability and recovers Photon Points. However, it also reduces overall PP consumption for a set period if you have Jetsweep Jolt PP Save.

Which weapon sets should you use as a Bouncer?

PSO2: NGS contains numerous weapon sets, each with different effects. Players can use any of the following weapon sets as a Bouncer:

Type Name Drop location
Soaring Blades Rokz Curva Blade
  • Completing Urgent quests in Kvaris
  • Defeating bosses on level 50 or higher in Kvaris
Jet Boots Evolorbit Boots
  • Seasonal Points exchange shop
  • Seasonal enemies
Soaring Blades Kaizaar Blade
  • Kvaris Exchange Shop
Jet Boots Rugged Boots
  • Completing Urgent quests in Kvaris
  • Defeating bosses on level 50 or higher in Kvaris

Sega recently revealed that the PSO2: NGS Bouncer class is being reworked, which means that its skills and weapons are being adjusted. You can read here about the Bouncer Rework.

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