PSO2 NGS: Blizzardium

In PSO2: NGS players have to farm Blizzardium in order to acquire the recently-added weapon and armour set, Kaizaar Katana.

Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis (PSO2: NGS) is a thrilling video game that combines role-playing elements with tactical strategies. As the game’s name suggests, it is an updated version of the classic video game, Phantasy Star Online 2.

Since it was released a decade later than its predecessor, it differs from it significantly in gameplay, graphics, and content. The game takes place on a fictional planet called Halpha a thousand years after the adventures of Oracle.

Players can become part of the Artificial Relict to Keep Species (ARKS) that will team up with a mysterious ally to combat a new threat: the DOLLS. During this mission, you will acquire gear and weapon sets, which you can use to improve your character.

Kaizaar Katana

The game’s developer, Sega, occasionally introduces new content to the game to keep players engaged. They recently added a new weapon set, called Kaizaar Katana, which features amazing effects.

PSO2 NGS: Blizzardium

This weapon set can only be acquired from the Kvaris Exchange shop when players exchange the following items:

Item Quantity
Blizzardium 150
Icicle Orb 900
Icicle Cube 60
Rokz Roughewn Katana 1

Once you have the necessary items, you can acquire one of the following:

  • Kaizaar Boots
  • Kaizaar Wand
  • Kaizaar Talis
  • Kaizaar Rod
  • Kaizaar Bow
  • Kaizaar Machine Guns
  • Kaizaar Launcher
  • Kaizaar Rifle
  • Kaizaar Blades
  • Kaizaar Katana
  • Kaizaar Knuckles
  • Kaizaar Saber
  • Kaizaar Daggers
  • Kaizaar Spear
  • Kaizaar Wire
  • Kaizaar Sword

PSO2 NGS: Blizzardium

One of the items you need to purchase a Kaizaar Katana item is Blizzardium, which is an extremely rare mineral found in the rocky areas of Kvaris. Blizzardium’s only purpose is to be exchanged for items in the Kvaris exchange shop.

PSO2 NGS: Blizzardium

There are numerous methods you can use to get Blizzardium, however, some are more time-consuming than others. The most common way to get this mineral is by gathering it daily, or by interacting with the non-player character (NPC), Rosa, to get 20 Blizzardium.

Alternatively, players can destroy frozen crates in the open world using a snowboard. You can also throw yellow shards at the crates to destroy them. This method takes advantage of these frozen crates having Blizzardium, as there is a trial that spawns in the Belugana Ruins, which has frozen crates.

The strategy of this trial is somewhat similar to captain farming. It is recommended that you farm frozen crates in a party, as everyone should go into separate rooms. Players have to clear emergency tasks until a T-trial appears.

Once a trial is found, this should be announced so that everyone in the party can participate. You get approximately 5 minutes to destroy as many crates as possible. Another player can join the trial once your 5 minutes are over.

When a room has spawned, all you have to do is hop on a hoverboard and destroy frozen crates. There are allegedly 6 frozen golden crates that you can destroy for a chance to acquire Blizzardium.

Treasure Shop

The Treasure Shop is an in-game shop that sells unique items in exchange for either N-Meseta or SG. The items available in the shop refresh from a pool of select items every 24 hours, and it can be refreshed for free once every day. Any subsequent or additional refreshes will have additional costs.

That being said, Premium Status players can refresh the shop for free again additionally to the initial free refresh. Players can purchase Blizzardium from the Treasure Shop for approximately 20 000 N-Meseta.

DOLLS Transport Heist

As mentioned previously, it is your responsibility to defeat a powerful enemy race known as the DOLLS. One of the trials you can complete in the game is the DOLLS Transport Heist, during which you have to destroy containers.

Once you have destroyed all the containers, you will get the following rewards:

Kaizaar Katana effects

Most PSO2: NGS players are now farming the items required to procure a Kaizaar Katana item, as they have amazing benefits.

The table below highlights the benefits of Kaizaar Katana items according to their levels:

Level Benefits
1 ·  Potency increased by 12 percent

·  Critical Hit Rate increased by 10 percent

·  Photon Blast Gauge Charge is increased by 20 percent when attacking

·  Photon points consumption is decreased by 10 percent

2 ·  Critical Hit Rate is increased by 10 percent

·  Potency is increased by 14 percent

·  Photon Blast Gauge is increased by 20 percent

·  When attacking

·  Photon points consumption is decreased by 10 percent

3 ·  Potency is increased by 16 percent

·  Critical Hit Rate is increased by 10 percent

·  Photon points consumption is decreased by 10 percent

·  Photon Blast Gauge Charge is increased by 20 percent when attacking

4 ·  Critical Hit Rate is increased by 10 percent

·  Photon Points is decreased by 10 percent

·  Potency is increased by 17 percent

·  Photon Blast Gage Charge is increased by 20 percent when attacking

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