PSO2 NGS: Best armor

There are many armor sets in PSO2: NGS, but some sets are considered better than others.

Players are invited to be part of the Artificial Relict to Keep Species (ARKS) organisation in this adventurous video game, Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis (PSO2: NGS).

This game is an updated version of the classic game, Phantasy Star Online. Even though there are similar features in both, you will experience improved graphics and mechanics in NGS.

Gamers must create and customise a character before they can explore the vast open world of Halpha. Your character will initially only have basic armor and weapons, but as you progress in the story, you will acquire improved items.

It is worth noting that some armor pieces are better than others, as they provide better benefits to your character.

Why is armor important?

Your character’s armor does not have to be extremely powerful in the early stages of the game, as the enemies’ levels are quite low. However, as you reach higher levels, the enemies will become stronger and thus, they will deal more damage.

It is then vital that you equip stronger armor, as the enemies will be able to kill you more easily. Your armor protects your character from incoming damage.

Moreover, some armor pieces can increase your character’s statistics, which directly influences your gameplay.

Once you have reached the endgame phase, it is essential that you have the correct armor equipped. This is because you will be fighting the strongest enemies and monsters in NGS. If you do not have the correct armor, you will struggle to defeat them.

PSO2 NGS: Best armor

There are several armor sets that your character can equip in PSO2: NGS, which can make it confusing to know which sets to use. The armor sets that your character uses highly depends on your personal playstyle.

The armor sets, or units, that you get from the combat areas in NGS, are quite basic. It is thus advised that you do not invest too many resources or arguments on these units. Players should use the Aelio and Retem armor sets as placeholders.

In other words, you can use these sets until you get better gear. One of the gear sets you can invest in is the Schwarzest set, which contains 3 versions for melee, ranged, and technique characters.

PSO2 NGS: Best armor
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Although the level requirement for this set is only level 31, you can use it in the endgame phase of NGS. If you use it for endgame, you should use powerful augments and enhancements. The statistics of the Schwarzest set are:

Schwarzest statistics Description
Health Points This set increases your character’s health by 25 percent
Photon Points It offers your character 3 Photon Points
Damage It increases your character’s damage by 2 percent
Damage resistance This set increases your character’s damage resistance by 1 percent

If you are willing to invest a lot of resources into armor, you should use the Sestato Armor, which also has 3 versions. It is worth investing augments and enhancements into this set as it offers better statistics:

Schwarzest statistics Description
Health Points This set increases your character’s health by 30 percent
Photon Points It offers your character 4 Photon Points
Damage It increases your character’s damage by 2.25 percent

The Sestato set also provides your character with a ranged, melee, or technique potency and physical resistance.

Where to acquire the Sestato set

As previously mentioned, there are 3 versions of the Sestato set. Each version can be acquired from red containers in different areas:

Set Location
Sestato Armor Arga (melee) West Kvaris
Sestato Armor Belta (range) North Kvaris
Sestato Armor Sheza (technique) Central Kvaris

Alternatively, you can get the armor as rewards for completing the purple Battledia quests, but these quests are extremely difficult.

Can armor pieces be purchased?

If you do not have the time to farm armor sets, you may be able to purchase the set from the Personal Shop. Players can access the ship by talking to the non-player character, Misha, in Central City.

This also means that you can sell the armor pieces that you do not want. But you cannot list items in your shop if you do not have the Premium Status. It is noteworthy that armor sets are generally expensive.

Players thus need a lot of Meseta to purchase an armor piece from the Personal Shop.

Battledia: Purple

To access the Battledia Purple quests, you have to acquire 5 Battle Triggers. The Battle Triggers can be obtained by defeating enemies and completing tasks.

The Battledia Purple quests are extremely difficult to complete and should only be attempted by endgame players. These quests require that you take out as many Gigantix bosses as possible within a specific timeframe. Gigantix bosses are the most difficult to defeat in NGS.

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