PSO2 NGS: Battledia

The Battledia Quests in PSO2: NGS are a great way to earn materials, weapons, and armour, but they can be challenging to complete.

Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis (PSO2: NGS) is an exciting video game that combines tactical fights with role-playing elements.

As part of the Artificial Relict to Keep Species (ARKS) organisation, you have to collaborate with a mysterious ally to defeat a powerful enemy known as the DOLLS. NGS takes place approximately a 1000 years after the Oracle events on Halpha, which is a fictitious planet.

Before you can explore the vast open world, you must create a character. In addition to the main story arc, players can defeat enemies, gather resources, and complete different quests, one of which is Battledia.

Quest types

There are multiple categories of quest types and quest classifications that players can accept at the Quest Counter. However, you can initially only select from a limited number of quests, but as you advance in the game, you can access more quests.

The table below lists some of the quests in NGS:

Name Description
Urgent Quests These quests appear randomly as you progress in the game. They can only be accepted within a limited amount of time
Sub Quests Sub Quests allow you to defeat special enemies, which generally have unique conditions
Recommended Quests These quests become available once you have cleared Client Order Level Limit Break Trial I

PSO2 NGS: Battledia

In addition to the above-mentioned quests, PSO2: NGS players can complete Battledia quests, which can only be accessed through a Trigger Portal. To unlock these quests, players must acquire 5 Battle Triggers by defeating enemies and completing tasks.

PSO2 NGS: Battledia
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However, Battle Triggers can be sold on the Personal Shop. If you are interested in completing Battledia Quests, and you do not want to farm the Battle Triggers, you can purchase them from the shop.

After procuring Battle Triggers, you need to form a party with other players to complete the Battledia Quests. These quests could keep the larger world lively, while providing a way for players to level up faster.

Allegedly, you will get endgame equipment and augments to prepare your character for the next phase of the game by completing these quests.

There are currently 2 types of Battledia Quests in NGS; Battledia Yellow can be completed by all players, as enemies are standard, and the quests provide huge amounts of experience. You can also earn various materials and 3-star equipment.

It is recommended that new players invest time in the Battledia Yellow quests, as it is a quick way to reach higher levels. Whereas Battledia Purple quests are much more difficult and should only be attempted by endgame players.

These quests essentially test your mettle, as they require that you take out as many Gigantix bosses as possible within a specific timeframe. Gigantix bosses are the most difficult enemies in the game, hence, only max level players can attempt to defeat them.

Battledia rewards

The Battledia Yellow Quests can be found in the Aelio and Retem region. Although both locations have the same requirements, they provide different rewards:

Aelio Retem
  • Gold Prim Sword +20
  • Silver Prim Sword +20
  • Gold Prim Armor +20
  • Silver Prim Armor +20
  • C/Ability I
  • Gold Prim Sword +20
  • Gold Prim Armor +20

Though Battledia Purple quests can be found in Kvaris, Retem and Aelio, these quests are much harder to complete, but you may receive great rewards like:

Location Weapons/Units Augments
North Kvaris
  • C/Gigas Might
  • C/Gigas Precision
  • C/Gigas Technique
North Aelio
  • Greaga Weapon Series
  • Kukuhroziat Knuckles
  • Straga Weapon Series
  • Greas Armor
  • C/Dolz Soul
  • C/Nex Soul
  • C/Ragras Soul
South Retem
  • C/Gigas Might
  • C/Gigas Precision
  • C/Dolz Soul

How to find other players for Battledia Quests

As previously mentioned, you have to be in a party with 3 members to complete a Battledia Quest. You can form your own party to defeat the enemies, or you can queue to find other players.

The game will then match you with other players to complete the quest. Keep in mind that you can queue as a solo player, but you can also queue as an incomplete party to find additional members.

What happens if you abandon a Battledia Quest?

To unlock a Battledia quest, you have to get 5 Battle Triggers. There is a possibility that you may want to abandon the quest when the fight has started. Allegedly, players will not lose their Battle Triggers if they abandon the quest during the fight.

This is because the Battle Triggers only disappear from your inventory when the fight is successfully completed.

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