PSO2 NGS: Baps

Since Sega revealed that PSO2: NGS’s Bouncer is being reworked, several players have questioned whether BAPS will be removed from the game.

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There is a variety of weapons you can use in PSO2: NGS to defeat the enemies that you encounter on the map. One of the weapon types that players can equip is Soaring Blades, which is essentially a melee weapon.

According to one PSO2: NGS player, Soaring Blades WA is not like the others as it is not a parry when it is idling.

It shoots out 2 blades which may seem weak at first, but they will add a lot of damage to your rotation if you use them before or after every action.

Because of the WA’s function, players have to get used to using step dashes to counter attacks rather than WA.

However there is an advanced tech that will maximize your Soaring Blades even more: Blade Arts Parry Step Counter, commonly known as BAPS.

This method essentially uses Blade Arts Parry during a PA to parry an attack and step countering simultaneously to essentially perform a double counter.

PSO2 NGS: Baps
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Which class should use Soaring Blades?

Although every class in PSO2: NGS can use Soaring Blades, it is not recommended as the Bouncer class specializes in this weapon.

YouTuber, ZNRenova recommends that you acumen melee stats onto your weapons and armor.

As for the skill tree, it does not have many abilities compared to the jet boots, but ZNRenova recommends that you use Defeat PP Gain, Physical Decline, Decline Amplifier and Fanatic Blade.

However players can also use PP Recovery and Blade Arts Parry.

Will BAPS be removed from PSO2: NGS?

Sega recently announced that they are reworking the Bouncer class, which essentially means that the class’ abilities as well as its Soaring Blades and Jet Boots were adjusted.

On the official PSO2: NGS Discord server, several players shared that they believe that the BAPS feature will be removed from the game.

However the adjustments for the Bouncer class have since been released and players were happy to discover that BAPS was not removed from PSO2: NGS.

Soaring Blades Photon Arts

Every weapon in PSO2: NGS has various Photon Arts that players can use to destroy enemies. If you plan to use Soaring Blades, you can benefit from Destructive Stork, Rampaging Harrier and Roaring Pheasant.

Some of these Photon Arts have amazing crowd control abilities which are especially handy when you have to defeat many enemies simultaneously.

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