PSO2 NGS: Arms Refiner

In PSO2: NGS you can use Arms Refiner to Limit Break your weapons and units, but you may have a difficult time obtaining it.

You are invited to become part of the Artificial Relict To Keep Species (ARKS) organisation in this adventurous video game, Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis (PSO2: NGS).

As its name suggests, the game is based on the classic video game, Phantasy Star Online 2 and thus, you are likely to encounter similar gameplay and mechanics. Since NGS was released a decade after its predecessor, players can enjoy updated graphics, new content, and new features.

While you advance in the game, you can discover and collect several materials, each of which serves a unique purpose. One of the materials you can collect is Arms Refiner, however, it is extremely rare.

What are the different materials?

There are various materials you can obtain, but some materials can only be collected by defeating a certain monster, or by completing specific quests. Some of these materials are:

Material Examples Description
Enhancement materials
  • N-Grinder
  • N-EX-Cube
  • Strugment A
Most of the materials in this category are used to unlock Potentials and Limit Breaking at the item lab
Exchange materials
  • Alpha Reactor
  • Stellar Fragment
These materials can be exchanged for in-game currencies
Miscellaneous Players can use these materials to purchase items in the exchange store

PSO2 NGS: Arms Refiner

One of the enhancement materials you can obtain in the game is Arms Refiner. There are a few ways to acquire it, but you should note that it is a rare material and as such, you may struggle to acquire it. You can collect it by defeating Megalotix Enemies or the Dark Falz.

PSO2 NGS: Arms Refiner
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Megalotix Enemies are a unique variant of enemies that only appear in level 35 or higher Combat Sectors. They are coated with a cyan, crystal-like sheen and depending on their level, they can be more powerful than Gigantix Enemies.

The Dark Falz, on the other hand, can be defeated by completing an Urgent Quest. You can find the enemy in the Central Aelio region, but you need at least 1898 Battle Power to defeat it.

Moreover, you can complete the Cannonball Rumble quests to earn the Arms Refinery. The objective is to throw cannonballs at a target to destroy a specified number of targets in a time limit. You generally have to complete 3 waves, each with unique scenarios.

Every wave can be completed by destroying all the targets, defeating the enemies, or exceeding the time limit for each wave. Players can also purchase the material from the Enhancement Material Exchange Shop or from the Treasure Shop. Alternatively, you can refine Strugment A, B, and C to get the Arms Refiner.

You can access The Exchange Shop through the Item Lab Vendor. You need 10 Strugment As, 10 Strugment Bs, 10 Strugment Cs, and an N-EX-Cube to purchase 1 Arms Refiner.

PSO2 NGS: Arms Refiner
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What is the Arms Refiner used for?

Once you have the Arms Refiner, you can use it for Limit Breaking in the Item Lab. The Enhancement Limit refers to the maximum level that armour or weapons can be enhanced to. For all weapons and units, the maximum Enhancement Limit is 50.

The limit of a weapon or unit can be increased by Limit Breaking it in the Item Lab at the cost of materials and Meseta. The table below outlines the cost for Limit Break per star rank:

Star-rank Limit Break Cost for 50
  • 125 000 N-Meseta
  • 1 Arms Refiner
  • 125 000 N-Meseta
  • 1 Arms Refiner
  • 125 000 N-Meseta
  • 1 Arms Refiner
  • 140 000 N-Meseta
  • 1 Arms Refiner
  • 150 000 N-Meseta
  • 3 Arms Refiner
  • 160 000 N-Meseta
  • 4 Arms Refiner
  • Not applicable

How to obtain Strugments

As previously stated, you can refine different Strugments to process into an Arms Refiner. Strugments are pieces of combat armour that you can find in places such as Combat Sectors. It also drops from High Rank Urgent Quests and the Cannonball Rumble activity.

Once you have 10 Strugments of each type, you can go to the Item Lab Exchange Shop to get 1 Arms Refiner.

Treasure Shop

The Treasure Shop is a unique in-game shop that sells distinct items in exchange for either N-Meseta or SG. You can access the shop by opening the menu and selecting the Shop Menu. Keep in mind that the shop’s contents refresh from a pool of select items every 24 hours.

This means that the Arms Refiner may not always be available and you should regularly check the shop if you are interested in purchasing it. The Arms Refiner costs approximately 100 000 N-Meseta.

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