PSO2 NGS: Anti-Cheat

PSO2: NGS’s developer, Sega, recently announced the introduction of a new anti-cheat program known as XIGNCODE3.

Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis (PSO2: NGS) is an explorative video game which takes place in the fictional world of Halpha.

You have to join the Artificial Relict to Keep Species (ARKS) organization and team up with a mysterious ally to defeat the DOLLS.


Some players have discovered ways to cheat in PSO2: NGS and although the game’s developers, Sega, have done their best to ban these players, they simply find other methods to cheat to advance in the game.

This has forced Sega to implement an anti-malware program called nProtectGameGuard to prevent players from cheating.

Unfortunately, players have still found ways to cheat in PSO2: NGS even though the program was implemented.

On Thursday, 26 October 2023, Sega revealed that they will be implementing Wellbia’s anti-malware tools into the PC version of PSO2: NGS.

The program that Sega will be implementing is known as XIGNCODE 3, which is a global leading software that protects over 150 online game titles globally.

This program can detect foreign connections and unauthorized IP bypass blocks. It also offers real-time security update applications through live game servers and game clients.

Furthermore, it detects and prevents various macro input accessories and creates patterns by extracting suspicious logs.

The XIGNCODE 3 program bypasses detections using algorithms of “”WIN32 API executable code” and “onetime execution codes”. Players can experience a ban list management using the XIGNCODE3 Soloman system.

It also prevents resource file modification and enables creation of self-made patterns for real-time updates. The purpose of the anti-malware program is to prevent PSO2: NGS players from cheating in the game in any way.

When will the anti-cheat program be implemented in PSO2: NGS?

According to the announcement, the anti-malware tool program, which was manufactured by Wellbia, will be gradually introduced to the PC version of the game.

This will happen after the scheduled maintenance on Wednesday, 1 November 2023. However, the program will be implemented on different dates for every platform.

The following table lists when the anti-cheat program will be implemented for each platform:

Platform Date of implementation
Windows and Epic PSO2: NGS versions Wednesday, 1 November 2023
Steam PSO2: NGS version Monday, 6 November 2023

Players’ opinions

PSO2: NGS players have shared their opinion about the new anti-cheat program since Sega announced it. YouTuber, CrticasterQ, recently posted a video on his channel sharing his thoughts on this new anti-cheat program.

He mentioned that the program’s features are extremely invasive as it is downloaded on the Kernel level of players’ PCs. The anti-cheat program can therefore control everything within the system itself.

CrticasterQ mentioned that since the program is installed in the Kernel, it has the ability to fry your PC. Furthermore, he mentioned that someone will purportedly be able to use the program to gain control over your PC.

CrticasterQ also explained that every time XIGNCODE3 is implemented into a game, the game’s performance decreases significantly.

It can thus be said that many PSO2: NGS gamers are unhappy about the decision to implement the new anti-cheat program in the game, as it essentially invades your privacy.

Do you have to use the anti-cheat program?

Since the announcement of the anti-cheat program, players have shared their thoughts and opinions about it on several platforms.

You should note that although the new anti-cheat program will be implemented in the PC version of PSO2: NGS, you can still switch to the previously-implemented nProtectGameGuard via the game launcher.

If you are one of the players who are unhappy about the new anti-cheat program, we recommend that you switch back to the previous anti-malware program as soon as possible.

However, it is advisable that all players experiment with the new anti-cheat program to form their own opinion before making the decision to switch back.

Will XIGNCODE3 be implemented on other PSO2: NGS platforms?

At the time of writing, Sega only announced that XIGNCODE3 will be introduced to the PC version of PSO2: NGS.

However, several players believe that the same anti-cheat program will be released on the console versions of the game as well.

This is because Wellbia also has a console program which offers very similar features to the PC program.

However, it is undetermined whether or not the anti-cheat program will be released on consoles. We recommend that you keep an eye on the official PSO2: NGS website for further details.

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