PSO2 NGS: Ancient Enemies

There are several monsters you can fight in PSO2: NGS, one of which is the Ancient Enemy, but it is advised that you fight him with other players.

Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis (PSO2: NGS) is an adventurous video game that invites players to become a part of Artificial Relict to Keep Species (ARKS). This game is an updated version of the classic video game, Phantasy Star Online 2.

Since the New Genesis installation was released 10 years after its predecessor, it has different content, gameplay, and graphics in comparison to the first game.

The game takes place on a fantasy planet called Halpha, approximately a thousand years after the Oracle events. You can create and customise a character before joining the ARKS, which is a powerful military force. It is your responsibility to defeat enemies and fight for the planet’s future.


You have to defeat different types of enemies as you progress in the game. Players can allegedly earn amazing rewards for every enemy they defeat, some of which may include materials, experience points, gear, weapons, and some form of in-game currency.

Some of these items can influence your gameplay, so you should always check your loot after killing an enemy. Although there are many different enemies, the main campaign of the game revolves around DOLLS.

These creatures possess a gel-like musculature that is protected by a unique exoskeleton. They follow the orders of the Dark Falz, which is a major antagonist in the Phantasy Star franchise.

PSO2 NGS: Ancient Enemies

In addition to DOLLS, you may also discover Ancient Enemies. They are found in the caves of Rayjord Gorge, are extremely powerful, and they have the Ancient designation.

Ancient Enemies are not only stronger than Gigantix, but your healing effects are reduced inside their cave, which makes the fight much more difficult.

PSO2 NGS: Ancient Enemies
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Ancient Enemies allegedly drop Icicle Cubes that players can use to acquire items from the Kvaris Exchange Shop. It is important to keep in mind that these enemies spawn approximately every 10 minutes in the cave of Rayjord Gorge.

Players should also remember that the spawn timer begins once they have created a room instance, and once the Ancient Enemy has been defeated. The weather in the Kvaris Region does not have any influence on the Ancient Enemy spawn conditions.

This means that you can fight the enemy regardless of the weather conditions. Once it is time for an Ancient Enemy to spawn, an ice structure forms. You have to destroy the ice structure before the enemy spawns.

Players either have to defeat Ancient Frostyl Sword or Ancient Ams Kvaris, as there are currently only 2 Ancient Enemies. It is unclear if the game’s developer, Sega, will introduce additional Ancient Enemies to the game in the future.

Requirements for fighting an Ancient Enemy

As previously mentioned, an Ancient Enemy only spawns in the Rayjord Gorge cave, which is in the Kvaris Region. This means that your character has to be at least level 60 to enter the area.

PSO2 NGS: Ancient Enemies
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Additionally, you must have decent battle power as this is a difficult fight. The Gorge recommends 2924 battle power; but some players have completed the fight with merely 2600 battle power.

Players have to ensure that they have 100 percent low temperature resistance before entering the Rayjord Gorge. This prevents you from getting the freeze buff, which is strong enough to kill your character over time.

PSO2 NGS: Ancient Enemies
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Can you fight an Ancient Enemy alone?

There is a possibility that you will be the only player, or one of a few players, in the Ancient Enemy cave. Though you may be tempted to attack the boss solo, or with a small group of players, it is advised that you do not attempt to do this.

This is because the fight against an Ancient Enemy is extremely difficult, and you might fail to defeat him in a solo battle. It is thus recommended that you wait for other players to arrive before you break the icy barrier.

Alternatively, you can announce in the chat that the Ancient Enemy is active and wait for players to arrive before attempting the fight.

Ancient Enemy drops

As mentioned before, players are guaranteed to get Icicle Cubes, which they can use to obtain other items in the exchange shop. You can also get C/Decoid Standard II, a 6-star Rocks weapon, or a 7-star Rugged series weapon.

Players should bear in mind that the drops are randomly generated, which means that it is not guaranteed that you will receive a weapon, as they drop randomly.

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