PSO2 NGS: Alliance Mag

A recent PSO2 NGS update introduced the Alliance Mag, which contains several boosts which you can unlock in exchange for specific currencies.

You can join the Artificial Relict to Keep Species (ARKS) organization in this thrilling video game, Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis (PSO2: NGS).

Players have to team up with a mysterious ally to destroy the DOLLS, which are attempting to take over the vast planet, Halpha.

Alliance Mag

The game’s developer, Sega, recently released the patch notes for the October 2023 update and it introduces a range of new features for you to enjoy.

This update announced that players can now enjoy the Alliance Mag as a new Build Part for Alliance Space.

Unfortunately, the new Alliance Mag is only available to Alliances, however, it can only be placed in an Alliance Space by the Alliance Officers and Leaders.

Although this new feature may seem like a somewhat  insignificant Build Part, players can benefit from it greatly.

This is because by place the Alliance Mag in your Alliance Space, all Alliance members will receive boosts. Essentially, this Build Part functions very similarly to the base game – PSO2.

You can therefore benefit from an increased amount of health points, Photon Power, Potency, experience points and an increase in rare drops.

Keep in mind though that all of these bonuses have varying levels and by increasing a bonus’s level, the boost that you receive will increase.

Unlike the base game, PSO2, Alliance members will receive these boosts simultaneously, instead of selecting which boost you want to activate.

That being said, you need to spend 200 Genesis Points to activate each bonus that you want to receive.

PSO2: NGS gamers should note that these boosts are not infinite as they will only remain active for 24 hours after using your Genesis Points.

PSO2 NGS: Alliance Mag
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Alliance mag boost increases

After activating an Alliance Mag Boost, you will receive the lowest level of boosts, but as you increase the boosts’ levels, you will also increase the value of the boost.

The table below lists the highest amount of effects that you can receive from every boost:

Boost Highest available amount
Health Points Up 10 percent
Photon Power Up 10 points
Potency Up 5 percent
Earn experience Points Up 10 percent
Rare Drop Rate Up 10 percent

How to collect Genesis Points

Alliance members have to farm Genesis Points in order to activate an Alliance Mag Boost.

Players can acquire these points from the Genesis Points Tree in their Build Space and by completing the weekly and limited-time tasks.

To get a weekly or limited-time task, you have to interact with the ARKS Architectural Researcher, Archie.

According to YouTuber, CriticasterQ, you can also purchase Genesis Points in the Alliance Exchange Shop.

Keep in mind  that you can only purchase a limited number of Genesis Points from the shop weekly, therefore, you have to complete weekly and limited-time tasks to collect additional points.

How to upgrade Alliance Mag boosts

As previously mentioned, players can receive boosts by placing the Alliance Mag in their Alliance Space. However, every boost can be upgraded to increase its effects.

In order to upgrade a boost, you need to use your N-Alliance Points, which was released with the recent upgrade. To obtain this new currency, you have to complete Alliance Tasks.

Keep in mind, however, that the Alliance Points that you earn will be transferred into the Alliance along with other Alliance members’ points.

Alliance Officers or Leaders can then use the Alliance’s points to upgrade the boosts when needed.

This essentially means that you cannot use your Alliance Points to upgrade your own Alliance Mag Boost.

Furthermore, it is ultimately up to the Officers and Leaders of the Alliance to decide which boost they want to upgrade.

Do you have to be part of an Alliance to receive the Alliance Mag Boosts?

There are several players who prefer to enjoy PSO2: NGS alone and for this reason, they never joined a guild.

Since the release of the Alliance Mag, numerous solo players have questioned whether they can receive its boosts without having to join an Alliance.

Fortunately, you are able to activate an Alliance Mag’s Boost without joining the Alliance, which means that you will be visiting the Alliance to activate the boosts.

Players should note that it costs 200 Genesis Points to activate an Alliance Mag Boost, which means that you need approximately 1000 GP to activate them all.

Currently, it is unknown whether or not the Alliance Mag Build Part will become an Alliance exclusive feature in the future.

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