PSO2 NGS: Aegis Integra

PSO2: NGS recently added Aegis Integra to the game, which can be used to acquire the new Neos Astraean weapon series.

You can become part of the Artificial Relict to Keep Species (ARKS) organisation in this adventurous video game – Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis (PSO2: NGS).

In order to advance in the game, you need to equip your character with gear and weapons. One of the weapon types that you can collect is Neos Astraean, however, you need to farm Aegis Integra to obtain it.

Resources in PSO2: NGS

Aegis Integra is a new resource that players can farm. There are numerous resources in PSO2: NGS and each one has been categorised according to their type. It is important to note that each resource serves a unique purpose in the game.

Some of the resource types in NGS include, but are not limited to:

Resource type Description
Consumables These consumable items can give your character unique buffs and benefits
Minerals Players can use minerals to unlock Potentials
Exchange You can use these to acquire other items in the exchange shop
Enhancements These materials are used to enhance and upgrade your weapons and armour

PSO2 NGS: Aegis Integra

PSO2:NGS’ recent update revealed that a new exchange item, which is called Aegis Integra, has been added to the Item Trader. This item is a core component from theand it can be traded for other items at an Item Trader’s Aegis Integra Exchange.

Dark Falz Aegis is a new activity that players can enjoy in PSO2: NGS, which is set to launch in early February 2023. Allegedly, with Dark Falz Aegis, players get the chance to defeat a new Colossal Raid Boss.

Unfortunately, not many details regarding the boss have been revealed yet, so it is advisable that you keep an eye on PSO2: NGS’ official website as the developers are likely to announce details on the site.

Along with a new exchange item and a new boss, players can enjoy the Aegis Integra Exchange shop. You can  access it through each city’s respective Item Trader non-player character (NPC). It is worth noting that the Quantity Limit of this exchange shop resets every week.

Although the Aegis Integra Exchange Shop has been added to the game, the items that are required for exchanging at the exchange shop will not be available until after the scheduled maintenance on 1 February 2023.

Once you have acquired Aegis Integra, you can head to your nearest Item Exchange NPC to acquire numerous items.

Keep in mind that each item requires a specific amount of Aegis Integra, which means that you may have to farm Dark Falz Aegis a few times to get the quantity that you desire.

Available items

The Aegis Integra Exchange shop can be accessed through each city’s respective Item Trade NPC. In the exchange shop, you can acquire the following items:

Item Price
Neos Astraean weapons Each weapon requires 5 Aegis Integra items
Aegis Integra (5) Target Neos Astraean Series
C/Aegis Soul IV (10) 1 Aegis Integra
C/Ael Domina (5) 1 Aegis Integra
C/Ret Domina (5) 1 Aegis Integra
C/Kvar Domina (5) 1 Aegis Integra
C/Stira Domina (5) 1 Aegis Integra


Augmentation is a process that allows you to enchant your character’s weapons and armour pieces. It gives players an array of bonuses for a specific item, which can impact your gameplay.

The table below lists the details of the augments you can purchase with Aegis Integra:

Name Description
C/Ael Domina
  • Health points are increased 5 points
  • Photon Points are increased by 3 points
  • Potency is increased by 1.5 percent
C/Ret Domina
  • Health points are increased by 15 points
  • Potency is increased by 1.5 percent
C/Kvar Domina
  • Photon Points are increased by 5 points
  • Potency is increased by 2 percent
  • Damage Resistance is decreased by 2 percent
C/Stira Domina
  • Potency is increased by 3 percent
  • Damage Resistance is decreased by 2 percent
C/Aegis Soul
  • Increases health points by 5 points
  • Photon Points are increased by 2 points
  • Potency is increased by 3 percent

Neos Astraean

PSO2: NGS players can purchase Neos Astraean weapons from the Aegis Integra Exchange store in exchange for 5 Aegis Integra.

Since there are different weapons in the series, you have to ensure that you purchase the weapon that your character specializes in.

To use a Neos Astraean weapon, you have to at least be level 70. Although its base attack is 535m it can be increased to 761, which makes it quite a powerful weapon.

At the moment of writing this, the Neos Astraean weapon series‘ potentials are yet to be released.

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