PSO2 NGS: Add-on skills

In PSO2: NGS , players can unlock Add-On Skills to boost their character’s performance and efficiency.

Gamers can become part of the Artificial Relict to Keep Species (ARKS) organisation in this thrilling video game, Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis (PSO2: NGS). The game takes place on a planet called Halpha, approximately 1000 years after the Oracle occurrence.

As the player, you have to team up with an unknown ally to defeat a powerful enemy known as the DOLLS.

Before you can explore the vast open world, you have to create a custom character. The most important decision you can make in the character creation phase is which class you want to be. Each class has a unique set of skills and abilities.

However, you can also unlock add-on skills to boost your performance.

Which classes are available in PSO2: NGS?

In PSO2: NGS, there are various classes that you can choose from. Although you select the class during character creation, you can change your class later in the game.

Some of the classes and a description of each are as follows:

Class name Description
Hunter The hunter is a very straightforward class. They simply focus on close-ranged combat
Gunner Gunners add more mobility opportunities to ranged combatants, which allows them to freely switch between their normal attacks and special skills
Force Force characters use a plethora of magic-like spells to devastate the battlefield
Techter A Techter’s specialised skills allow them to brave the frontlines to buff their allies

PSO2 NGS: Add-on skills

Each class in PSO2: NGS has unique skills and abilities. However, you can unlock add-on skills, which are unique modifiers of classes that improve the performance of certain aspects.

PSO2 NGS: Add-on skills
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Add-on skills can be unlocked on a class by going to the Class Counter. Bear in mind that you have to purchase these additional skills with N-Class EX-Cubes and N-Meseta.

These additional skills are categorised according to your class and require N-Class EX-Cubes to be generated. For instance, hunters require N-HU-EX-Cubes to unlock Add-on Skills.

Add-on Skills generally feature one main effect that is specific to the class, and 2 randomly-generated sub-effects. The skill’s effectiveness is determined by the effect level.

Keep in mind that the Add-on Skills equipped for each class at the Class Counter will be active, regardless of which class you play as. It is advisable that you equip Add-On skills for as many classes as you can to strengthen your character.

After repeatedly generating Add-On skills, you can select other generation options, which increases the minimum effect levels, but this will cost additional N-Meseta.

Upon generation, the main effect is randomly generated with additional sub effects. The levels of the main and sub effects are randomised when generated, but subsequent generations of Add-on Skills do not decrease the main effect’s level.

At level 17 or higher, the threshold of generating a higher main effect level is alleged to have a significantly lower probability.

The Add-On Skill boost activates every time a player generates their first add-on skill in each class. This increases how many experience points you earn, Meseta earned and rare drop-rate. After it is activated, the boost is permanently activated and can stack with the boosts from each class.

Class Add-on Skills

As mentioned, every class in PSO2: NGS has Add-On Skills that can boost performance. The skills available to each class are:

Class Main effects Sub effects
Hunter Melee weapon potency up
  • PA Charge movement speed up
  • Burn resistance up
Fighter Critical hit potency up
  • Jump power up
  • Freeze resistance up
Ranger Ranged weapon potency up
  • Photon Blast Potency up
  • Shock Resistance up
Gunner Offensive PB Gauge accumulation up
  • Offensive PP recovery up
  • Blind resistance up
Force Technique Weapon potency up
  • Natural PP recovery up
  • Panic resistance up
Techter Natural PB Gauge accumulation up
  • Damage resistance up
  • Poison resistance up
Braver Critical hit rate up
  • Restasigne heal amount up
  • Burn Resistance up
Bouncer Dash and Glide PP recovery
  • Encore Jump
  • Freeze resistance up
Waker PP up
  • Stationary health point recovery
  • Shock Resistance up

Add-on Skill cost

In order to generate add-on skills, you must pay specific quantities of currencies. There are certain perquisites that have to be met before you can generate an add-on skill. The table below lists the cost of add-on skills:

Skill Generation cost Effect level Perquisites
Add-on skill 1
  • 1 N-class EX Cube
  • 5000 N-Meseta
Level 1 or higher Default
Add-on skill 2
  • 1 N-class EX Cube
  • 10 000 N-Meseta
Level 5 or higher Unlocked after generating 5 Add-on Skills
Add-on skill 3
  • 1 N-class EX Cube
  • 50 000 N-Meseta
Level 10 or higher Unlocked after generating 20 Add-On Skills

Class counter

To change your class, or unlock Add-On skills, head to Central City. Inside the city, you can find Croche – a non-player character. Croche will be along the main strip, under a blue sign.

She is the class counter vendor, and she can help you with any class-related actions.

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