PSO2 NGS: 816 error code

The PSO2: NGS 816 error code means that your account has been suspended, and in some cases, you can restore your account.

Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis (PSO2: NGS) is a popular video game that combines role-playing elements with strategic battles.

The game is based on the classic video game, Phantasy Star Online, and therefore, so there will probably be similar aspects throughout the games in the franchise. However, NGS was released a decade after its predecessor, so you can enjoy updated graphics.

In NGS, you can explore the vast open world of Halpha, in which you can interact with other players and with the environment. Like with most video games, you may occasionally experience error codes in PSO2: NGS.

Although a few of the error codes can easily be fixed, some can take days to be resolved. One of the more serious error codes is 816, and unfortunately, it is not an easy fix.

What is an error code?

In computer programming, and in video games, an error code is a numeric or alphanumeric code that is used to determine the nature of an error, and the reason for it.

These codes also appear on electronics and devices when the user attempts to do something that they cannot do, or fail to do.

If you get an error code while playing PSO2: NGS, you should inform the game’s developer, Sega. If you contact them, they can address the error and possibly fix it, depending on how serious it is.

Some codes can be fixed within minutes, but others require the servers to be off for several hours.

PSO2 NGS:816 error code

There are thousands of error codes that you can encounter in PSO2: NGS, however, some are more serious than others. One of the more serious codes that can appear is 816, which indicates that your account has been suspended.

PSO2 NGS: 816 error code

The code also states that if you have any questions, you can contact the developer through the game’s official PSO2 website. There are numerous reasons why Sega may suspend your account, such as if you repeatedly log on and off.

Sega will suspend your account if they suspect that you have been hacked, and the only way to prevent it is to close access to your account. A PSO2: NGS player has revealed that his account got suspended after making a legitimate in-game purchase.

Other players claimed that their accounts were suspended for no reason. In March 2022, Sega published a list of reasons for account suspension. They stated that the abuse of the report function, which allows players to violate the in-game Terms of Service, will result in penalties.

If a player is found reporting someone who has not violated the Terms of Service, the account that reported it may be suspended.

Sega will also suspend your account if you are participating in real money trading (RMT), which refers to buying and selling game data, such as Meseta, for real-life currency. The team will permanently ban RMT vendors and accounts that have traded with RMT vendors.

Moreover, if you transfer, or borrow your account, you could be suspended as this is a violation of the Terms of Service.

The announcement also stated that if a player is identified to be repeating bad behaviour with malicious intent, they will get a permanent account ban.

Is 816 a permanent ban?

If you get the 816 error code, you should check your email account as soon as possible. Generally, Sega will email the email address linked to your PSO2: NGS account. In the email, you will find that 816 is not a permanent ban.

Instead, you will get the opportunity to contact the developers to restore your account. You may have to prove that you are the owner of the account before they will restore it. If you got the ban due to behaviour issues, it is unknown whether they will restore your account.

How to contact Sega

If you did not receive an email after receiving the error code, you have to contact Sega to restore your account. To contact customer support, players can select the ‘submit a request’ tab on the official Sega Support website.

In the new menu, you have to complete the submission web-form, and you have to include as much information as possible, including a screenshot of the error message.

Sega Customer Support will try to respond to your support request promptly by email.

Additional error codes

There are numerous error codes that you can get in NGS, and you can solve some of them, namely:

Error Code Solution
103 To fix this error, players have to disable IPv6.
249 This error code reveals that the game is undergoing maintenance. If you get it, you should check the game’s status on official sources
603 The solution to solve this error is entering your Sega identification in lowercase

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