PSO2 NGS: 640

Some PSO2: NGS players are experiencing an “error code 640”, which states that the game has not been fully updated.

Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis (PSO2: NGS) is an adventurous video game that combines tactical battles with role-playing elements.

Since you are part of the Artificial Relict to Keep Species (ARKS) organisation, you have to collaborate with an unknown ally to defeat a powerful enemy known as the DOLLS.

Although the main objective of the game is to complete the main storyline, there are also numerous activities and occasional events that you can enjoy.

However, while playing PSO2: NGS, you may encounter problems and error codes. One of the error codes that multiple players experience is code 640.

What is an error code?

An error code is a numeric or alphanumeric code that is used to determine the nature of and reason for an error. Even though PSO2: NGS was released in 2020, its developer, Sega, continues to resolve issues, error codes, and bugs.

Sega may resolve these problems through game updates, but there is a possibility that you may be experiencing a problem that they have not fixed. This is probably because Sega is unaware of the problem.

If you are experiencing an error code or a bug in PSO2: NGS, it is advisable that you log a support ticket to make Sega aware of the problem.

If it is a general issue, Sega will resolve it with the next update. However, you may be the only player experiencing a certain issue and therefore, you may be able to resolve it on your own.

PSO2 NGS: 640

There are multiple error codes that you can get while playing PSO2: NGS, one of which is error code 640. Its official description states that the software version was mismatched with the server, as the game client may not have been updated successfully.

PSO2 NGS: 640
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In order to resolve this issue, players have to check their store and install the latest version of PSO2: NGS. Although this seems like an easy fix, some players have revealed that they cannot find the update in the store.

This makes resolving the issue quite difficult, as an update is required to play the game, yet players are unable to find the update in the store.

If you are playing PSO2: NGS from the Microsoft Store or from the Steam platform, you should not switch the game to another platform.

In other words, if you are a Microsoft user, you should not run the game on Steam, as it is another platform and, therefore, requires an account link code. Players who are experiencing error code 640 are unable to find their account link code as they cannot open that menu.

This is because error code 640 does not allow you to enter the game and most players will get stuck at the ship select screen.

If you are experiencing this error code, you should contact Sega to inform them about the problem.

Can error code 640 be resolved?

When you contact Sega, you may be informed that they are unable to fix the problem, as Microsoft cannot update the game. However, you can try uninstalling PSO2:NGS and reinstalling it, as this temporarily resolves the problem.

If you are still experiencing error code 640, it is advisable that you contact the Microsoft Customer Support for assistance, as the error is on their side, and not on Sega’s side.

If uninstalling and reinstalling the game removes the error code, you should use your account link code to transfer your data to another platform, such as Steam. If you transfer your data to another platform, you will no longer struggle to update your game on Microsoft.

How to uninstall PSO2:NGS from the Microsoft store

If you are interested in uninstalling PSO2:NGS from the Microsoft store, you have to go to the directory from which you installed the game.

Players have to delete all the game files from the directory and restart their personal computer (PC), but the latter is not always necessary.

In order to reinstall the game, open the Microsoft store and find the game, then select the “Install” option. Bear in mind that this may take some time, as you have to download the game from scratch.

Where to find your account link code

Players who want to transfer their data to another platform will need to have an account link code. From the support menu in the start menu of PSO2:NGS, you can select the option to issue an account link code.

It is worth noting that this code will expire after 15 minutes. After launching PSO2:NGS on the new platform, you can select your Ship and then enter your account link code.

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