How to complete level 108 in Project Makeover

Even though there is no specific way to complete level 108 in Project Makeover, it is advised that players use boosters and powerup pieces to complete the level.  

Project Makeover is a popular match-free beauty, fashion and home makeover game. Players can give desperately needed makeovers to help people to achieve their dreams. The game allows players to choose highly fashionable clothes, makeup, hairstyles and even furniture.

However, players will need to deal with dramatic characters, like scheming assistants, egotistical fashion icons or stubborn clients. Project Makeover requires players to play challenging fashion-themed puzzles to help clients find that perfect look. Additionally, they can customize their own character with a signature style. Players are also able to visit their friends’ houses to see how they have decorated their house and dressed their avatar.

In the game, players need to complete match-three puzzles to win coins, mystery boxes and gems in order to transform their clients. However, clothing and makeup is just the beginning. Players can also decorate and furnish clients’ businesses and homes to complete an entire fashion, home and beauty transformation.

Luckily, players do not have to do everything alone. Project Makeover features three non-playable characters (NPCs) to help complete missions. Players will interact with Gigi, a fashion designer, Francis, a hair and make-up artist, and Derek, who is an interior designer. Players can also play the game however they want; either as a straight puzzle game, a complete makeover game, or a mixture of both.

Players can collect the in-game currencies, gems and coins to purchase new clothing and furniture. Players are also able to unlock new categories and areas as they progress in the game. At a certain point of Project Makeover, players can unlock a video series titled, “Drama.” The series tells the stories which the player goes through within the game.


In Project Makeover, players need to complete different levels to obtain rewards. Each level needs one or more goals to complete in order to move on. The goals are presented before players start a level, and are also displayed on the left side of the screen once players start the level.

Since it is a match-three puzzle game, players need to create three or more of the same items to clear them from the board. It is important to note that players will usually have a limited number of moves for each level. The more moves the players have left at the end of a level, the more rewards they will earn.

If a player manages to complete all the levels in Project Makeover, they are able to complete the exclusive levels. However, each new update will introduce more levels to the game.

Level 108

In level 108 of Project Makeover, players need to collect 38 red shoes with only 22 moves available. Even though there is no specific way to complete this level, players can pay attention to the following tips to successfully complete the level.

Only use gems on Boosters

When players first start to play Project Makeover, they will be rewarded with 600 free gems. These gems can be used to earn five extra turns after players have failed to complete a level.

However, it is recommended that players never waste their gems to obtain more turns. Players will quickly discover that the five extra turns may not help them to complete the level. Players should rather use their gems to purchase more Boosters.

Use Boosters

Players will be able to choose Boosters before the start of the level. It is recommended that players try to complete the level without using Boosters. However, if players retry the level for a second time, they might want to add some Boosters. Players should only use their Boosters when they are down to five turns or less.

Wait a few seconds

During a level, players should wait a few seconds before they attempt to make their next match. Project Makeover has a habit of making available matches visible to players. This can lead to a simple three-piece match or a match that helps form a powerup piece.

Use Powerup Pieces

Project Makeover’s Powerup Pieces can get players out of a bind at all times. If players match four pieces in a square formation, they will create a small bomb that can clear a good amount of the other pieces. When players match four pieces in a horizontal or vertical line, they will create a firework that will go off in the direction its pointing.

Matching five pieces in an L or T formation creates a big bomb, which has a big explosion radius, while matching five pieces in a straight line will create a rainbow. The rainbow will clear off all the pieces on the board that the rainbow powerup was initially matched up with.

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  1. I am also stuck on level 108 but the level pictured here is not the level 108 that I was given by the game. I am stuck on Hard Level 108 where I have 35 shirts to clear and 55 kisses to collect. I’ve tried everything, including using up all my boosts, and I’ve been stuck for 3 days now. Help!!


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