Products like Stream Deck

Streaming can be stressful, especially when you are trying to manage all the control actions for your stream, but products like a Stream Deck can help with this.

Becoming a streamer is no easy task and requires an immense amount of preparation and the right equipment to get started.

Not only that, but if you want to become a great streamer, you need to be able to run your stream as smoothly as possible, which can be demanding in terms of multi-tasking.

Streamers who stream on platforms such as Twitch will know that Twitch can get quite demanding in terms of keeping up with the nitty gritty of being live on your streaming experience, while also trying to engage with your subscribers throughout the stream at the same time.

The use of Stream Deck and products like it

Twitch is a demanding platform to keep up with, especially when you are in a live stream. Not only do you have to stream and talk to your audience, but you also need to manoeuvre your way through different controls and actions throughout the stream.

This is where having a device such as a Stream deck and other similar products comes into play as it can make the job of streaming much easier for you.

When you look at the Stream Deck, it is a device with different keys that allow you to connect multiple controls for faster action-enabling.

It is basically a control panel for all the actions that you need to incorporate into your stream, and it makes it easier to perform those actions at the click of a button, which allows you to stream more seamlessly.

Products like Stream Deck

The Elgato Stream Deck is not the only product of its kind and there are many alternatives that have the same features and that allow you to do the same things.

Products like the Stream Deck come in handy for live streamers and gamers, helping them to control everything they need to do in a stream without having to leave a stream and perform various actions on their keyboards and other devices, which would be an inconvenience to the flow of their stream.

By having devices such as the Stream Deck that you can use as your main control panel, you can set up the device to automate certain actions for you, such as having a button that is specifically designated to controlling your microphone, or a button that controls and switches between an array of scenes.

No matter what commands you need to be accessible to you quickly, a control panel such as the Stream Deck is helpful for running a good stream, which allows you more time to actively be as engaged with your audience as possible with minimal disturbances to the broadcast.

The Elgato Stream Deck is not the only control panel device to use, and there are plenty more on the market that have the same capabilities.

The X-Keys Programmable Keypad

The X-Keys keypad is a personalised keypad that comes in 24 keys, 60 keys, 80 keys, or 128 keys for more complex purposes.

The device comes with programming software for Windows, MAC, and Linux systems and users need to program it on Windows 7, 8 or 10.

For your own convenience, you can label the keys yourself and this can be done with the printed sheet of various icons that come with it, making your job easier.

The keypad can be connected to systems through a USB connection, and it is good for handheld, desktop, or mounted use.

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The Max Keyboard Falcon-20

You can also get the Max Keyboard Falcon-20 for a much affordable price than that of the Stream Deck. It comes with:

  • Twenty programmable keys.
  • Quality buttons.
  • RGB lightning effect.

This alternative to the Stream Deck does not come with an LCD screen, but it still allows you to personalise the keyboard to your liking and preference.

You get simple software for setting up your keys, allowing you to save the settings of certain keys and their purposes. The keyboard can be connected through the USB directly to your computer.

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The Loupedeck Live

The Loupedeck Live is one of the best options to choose other than the Stream Deck. It comes with an LCD screen and programmable buttons. The LCD screen can display the personalisations of your buttons with the software that you are using.

There are a number of programs to choose from that you can set up to change on their own according to the software that you are using.

The device also has audio controls for easily adjustable sound levels. The Loupedeck is also excellent for editing audio and videos, and it can be used with leading software such as Adobe creative suite programs.

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