Pokémon GO: How does Primal Reversion work?

Primal Reversion is a new feature in Pokémon GO and it allows your Pokémon to affect weather bonuses to improve their performance in battle.

Pokémon GO is an augmented reality mobile game that uses devices with GPS to capture, train, and battle an array of Pokémon.

The developer regularly introduces several new features to the game for players to enjoy. It recently added Primal Reversion, but numerous trainers do not understand how it works.

How does Pokémon GO differ from other Pokémon games?

Although Pokémon GO is part of the classic Pokémon video game series, it does not function the same way as the other instalments.

For instance, you do not battle wild Pokémon in Pokémon GO. Instead, you capture a wild Pokémon by throwing a Pokeball at it, which means that there is no battle aspect in Pokémon GO.

Furthermore, you do not level up your team by fighting other trainers. Your Pokémon in Pokémon GO does not level up, your character does.

You can gather experience points by catching Pokémon, finding Pokestops and adding new Pokémon to your Pokedex.

Pokémon GO: How does Primal Reversion work?

Pokémon GO recently announced that trainers can now enjoy Primal Reversion. In theory, Primal Reversion is a type of transformation that is quite similar to Mega Evolution. This means that certain Pokémon temporarily take on new appearances.

The new appearance allows the Pokémon to affect weather bonuses, which improves their performance in battle. To undergo Primal Reversion, you have to collect enough Primal Energy for that Pokémon.

Trainers can earn Primal Energy by defeating a Pokémon that has undergone Primal Reversion in a Raid Battle, or by completing specific research tasks. You should remember that Primal Energy can only be used for one specific Pokémon species.

For instance, the Primal Energy listed on Kyogre’s summary page can only be used for Kyogre’s Primal Reversion.

Pokémon GO: How does Primal Reversion work?
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Once your Pokémon has undergone Primal Reversion, you no longer need to collect as much Primal Energy for future Reversions. Bear in mind that different Pokémon species may require varying amounts of Primal Energy to undergo Primal Reversion.

When you have collected enough Primal Energy, you have to open an eligible Pokémon’s summary page and select the “Primal Revert” option.

Pokémon can also undergo Primal Reversion from the Raid Battle Lobby, or when you are selecting your GO Battle League Battle Party.

Once your Pokémon is in Primal Reversion, it will unlock a unique level system, which offers your Pokémon amazing bonuses. Moreover, as a trainer, you will receive several benefits in your Pokémon’s Primal Reversion state.

Does Primal Reversion last forever?

Unfortunately, Primal Reversion does not last forever. When a Pokémon has entered Primal Reversion, it returns to its original state after 8 hours. That being said, it is currently undetermined whether the timer continues if you exit the game.

Players should therefore  plan when they are going to allow a Pokémon to enter Primal Reversion carefully.

Primal Levels

Once one of your Pokémon enters Primal Reversion, you will unlock Primal Levels. The more frequently a specific Pokémon undergoes Primal Reversion, the higher its Primal Level will be.

That being said, Primal Levels do not reset once Primal Reversion ends, but you can only contribute to a Pokémon’s Primal Level once a day.

The higher the Pokémon’s Primal Level is, the more bonuses you unlock. These bonuses can affect your gameplay in many ways, such as increasing experience point catch bonuses for a Pokémon GO of the same type as the Primal Reversion Pokémon.

You can view a Pokémon’s Primal Level, and the bonuses associated with the level, by clicking on the icon on the Pokémon’s detail page.

Primal Reversion benefits

When your Pokémon undergoes Primal Reversion, you will receive benefits, including:

Benefit Description
Raiding Pokémon that have undergone Primal Reversion give other Pokémon special bonuses when brought to a Raid Battle. Moreover, all trainers’ Pokémon may receive an attack boost to all their attacks and get an additional attack boost if their attack types match the change that Primal Kyogre or Primal Groudon has made to the weather.
Gym Battles You can battle at Gyms with Pokémon that have undergone Primal Reversion, but you can’t leave them at the Gym to defend it. The attack boost applied to Raid Battles also applies to Gym Battles.
Battling Friends Trainers can use a Pokémon during the Primal Reversion state to battle someone on their friend list. However, they cannot be used in GO Battle League, unless they are in their standard form.
Make them your buddy You can set a Pokémon that has undergone Primal Reversion as your active buddy. If you are best buddies, you geta Best Buddy CP boost in addition to the Primal Boosts.

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