A guide to Punishing: Gray Raven’s Warzone mode

Warzone, one of Punishing: Gray Raven’s (PGR) end-game modes, can seem very difficult; however, once the player knows all the mechanics and different aspects, it can be an easy mode.

Punishing: Gray Raven (PGR) is a mobile action role playing game that players compare to one of the best action role-playing games of its time, Nier Automata and Honkai Impact 3. This is due to its design and fast-paced action, as well as similar mechanics.

The game is set in a post-apocalyptic world which is overrun by corrupted cybernetic enemies, caused by the Punishing Virus. The player takes on the role of a commander, who leads a squad of three characters, known as Constructs, against the corrupted and other forces to retake the planet.

The Constructs can be strengthened by promotion and leveling up. Players can equip them with a variety of weapons and gear, which can have an influence on their level. The player can unlock additional Constructs by advancing in the main storyline, and more Constructs, as well as their items, can be obtained through a gacha machine and in-game events.

The game also features a housing system in the form of dormitories, and players are able to decorate and move Constructs into their dorms in order to improve their mood. Constructs can be assigned to do chores in order to obtain in-game materials.

Punishing: Gray Raven is highly anticipated due to the great combat and superb graphics on a mobile device. In this guide, players will learn in detail about the Warzone mode, one of the end-game modes other than Pain Cage. Players will discover the mechanics of the mode, as well as the different aspects of each zone and the Warzone itself. Some of the enemies players will face in the third stage of the zones will also be explored, as they are the most difficult but offer the player better rewards.


Warzone is one of the most critical game modes in Punishing: Gray Raven. Once a player enters the Warzone menu, they will see the stages which are included in the Warzone menu. Here, players will see a couple of the maps that are available and, usually, there are two maps available at a time.

In the same menu, players will be presented with several zones, including, but is not limited to, the Dark Zone, Fire Zone, Physical Zone, Ice Zone and the Lighting Zone. These zones, or their elements, are called Weathers in Punishing: Gray Raven.


When doing the Warzone, players will be able to unlock one weather per day, meaning that if the player is doing the Fire weather on a Monday, for example, then that is all they will be able to do in Warzone for that Monday. However, when the player logs in on the Tuesday, they will be able to unlock other weather options. All of these weathers require players to prepare in advance and take advantage of their different elements.

Elemental buff

Each of these zones will offer the player the elements as a buff. For example, the Ice Zone will have the buff of Ice elemental damage, which means that the player should use Ravens, which are Ice Elements, doing 20 percent to 30 percent more damage to get the maximum score and the maximum performance. It is very important that players consider this if they want to receive a better score at the end of the stage. If the player does not have the Ice elemental Raven, it would not matter if they wish to clear the stage because the reward will remain the same.

The structure that players should use for this is the Ice Elemental features players get at an early stage of the game. This means that the player’s power level is not much of a factor, so they can focus on either the score or obtaining the rewards from the missions. However, what matters the most is to clear the stage. The score grinding is for those who want to compete with others on the best scores.

Stages in Warzone

When a player begins a mission or a stage in Warzone, there are three rounds that they will have to play. The first round requires that the player defeat all the enemies. After killing the mobs, the player will receive an automatic score of 10 000.

In the second round, there will be a bleed effect on the player’s structures, which makes the player lose hit points (HP) gradually during the mission. Players should ensure that they have a healer in their team for this mission to restore the lost HP on the structures, while the player defeats all the enemies as quick as possible. To defeat the enemies fast, the player needs suitable gear than can be obtained from the in-game events or gacha machines. After defeating the enemies, players will have a score of approximately 20 000.

In round three, there is no bleed effect on the player’s structures, instead, the game gives the player two minutes to defeat waves upon waves of enemies. The higher the number of waves the player defeats, the higher their score will be. The third map is the best among the three stages due to the no-bleed effect, however, it can be difficult due to the multiple waves of enemies that the player has to defeat in order to obtain better rewards and a better score.

Technically, the player can achieve a score of over 100 000 on a single weather, and another 100 000 from another weather, so players are expected to score at least 200 000 or more per weather cycle. Despite the first two stages not being very difficult, the third stage can be very intimidating.

The player’s score depends on how many hits they take. If the player does not take any hits, they will most likely achieve a better score. This is a skill aspect of the game as the player’s evasions and HP of the structures play an important role in the Warzone. In the end, if the player manages to not get hit by enemies during the whole stage, they can get a higher score than someone who is clearing the stage but taking damage along the way.

Power struggle and score

If the player has a character who has a high level and who can do a lot of damage, the player can get a better score. Players should remember to always level up and improve their Ravens, so that they can clear as many waves as possible.

The player has infinite free tries in this mode, so they do not need to worry about running out of attempts. Players can focus on getting a high score by running the stages as many times as they like.

Mechanics and enemies in Warzone

Warzone is where players will have a primary income from black cards. However, the player’s score does not affect the card’s income. Players can use the currency to buy six-star memories. Therefore, players can learn about clearing the zones faster by knowing what enemies it has to offer.

Lighting Zone

The first stage of this zone is a sort of construction, with tight straight corridors and a grey tint. The second stage is most likely the top of the same zone with a pathway going off into the sun. The third map is set inside council chambers with an overpowering blue hue, which seems like the council has called in the members to watch the fight. The enemies in this fight use range attacks, which are easy to dodge if the player learns to counter appropriately. The Mecha dog will occasionally fire giant beans, which the player should be able to see when it starts charging.

The following wave features an enormous Mecha holding a giant log-like weapon that he smashes into the ground to stomp on the player, while the smaller enemies either attack with their hands, or jab the player with their spears. The next waves bring out a giant who throws grenades at the player, and if the player stays far, he will leap to attack the player with all force. To avoid this attack, the player simply needs to roll out of the way. However, if the player is too near, the boss will stomp at the player or swing his arms out.

Ice Zone

The best character for this zone is Raven. Most of the time, when an enemy group spawns, the group will have one giant monster accompanied by three smaller ones. The first two stages are fairly easy and is cleared relatively fast.

The first wave starts with flying bots led by a giant sword-wielding robot who jabs his sword forward, or slams it down to kill the player. The same enemies will spawn for the subsequent two waves. The following waves change minions and has three walker bots with an engineer who holds a cogged saw staff to damage the player. The bots have ranged attacks, while the engineer deals melee damage. This wave is repeated the next turn, and after that, the sword wielder returns.

Physical Zone

The first wave features three flying chopper bots which attack in rectangular, telegraphed attacks. The next wave has a single bounty hunter who blasts a fireball and summons two more along with the same chopper bots. The following wave sees the same bots, as well as a melee samurai sort of enemy who holds a sword, strolling towards the player.

After that come three sentry bots with a Mecha walker, who attack with lasers. The next wave has three spear-wielding melee robots with smaller chopper bots. However, the spear-wielders are quite slow, so players will be able to dodge them easily.

Fire Zone

This zone gives out a brooding feeling as walking into a bridge of an old town where no one lives. In the third map, the first wave looks as if enemies from Nier Automata have made an appearance, and this wave features tall melee walkers. The next wave is led by a log wielder who is ready to dump it on the player. It also includes sentry bots which carry heavy machine guns.


Punishing: Gray Raven is well known for its combat, and that is what players should practice as much as they can. Players should familiarise themselves with each of their Ravens and learn their various combinations. Players will also be able to farm materials faster and efficiently from Warzone if they know their Ravens and have learned all of their combos.

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