Punishing: Gray Raven Team Building

Here is a team building guide to Punishing: Gray Raven (PGR) and to cover the basics of building a team. The team building guide will focus on story mode, along with tips and general information.

Disclaimer: This guide is a compilation of PGR teambuilding guide out there. All credits goes to the original authors.

1. Google Docs by Shiina#6049
2. PartTimerZack

What do elements and energy symbols mean? 

In the ‘details’ section, you will find a detailed view of your construct, its energy coefficients, strengths and weaknesses, and its character overview.

In addition, you will be given recommendations for partners and recommended equipment, so you will know which characters will complement each other and which equipment is most appropriate in certain situations.

lucia details pgr

In this example, we can see Lucia’s energy coefficient of 80% physical and 20% fire. This means that the majority of her damage is physical which is perfectly fine in story mode.

In story mode, you want to work on somebody who has like 100 physical or a high physical, because you’re doing direct damage as much as you can.

Now why is looking at these details important?

Well, this is helpful whenever you’re going against certain bosses and game modes. 

In order to kind of defeat the bosses, you need to have teams to kind of enhance the damage needed for you to take certain damage. This is also important because you can build your team based on the boss’ strengths and weaknesses.

This gives you an idea what elementals mean.

Game Mode Team Building

There are two different game modes in PRG, phantom cage and war zone.

On the ‘detail’ screen, click on the suggestions on the lower-right side to navigate game modes. These are community recommendations and should be taken with a grain of salt.

This team of recommendations is good, but realize at the beginning you’re not going to have many units ready for you. It’s kind of important to break down these teams and find out why each unit is part of it so you have a good idea on how to build teams in the future.

phantom cage team recommendation

You’re going to struggle to go into other missions and other boss fights if you go in here just saying “okay, I got all these units, I’m gonna build it, and you don’t care why” because you’re just copy and pasting from this part.

Story Mode Team Building

It is recommended to have a physical damage team to progress in the story mode. The best characters that are currently available is:

  • Bianca – you can get Bianca from the 7-day login event.
    • Alternative: Lucia while waiting for your 7-day login reward.
  • Liv – support
  • Nanami – tank

Bianca is your main DPS and will eventually be replaced by Alpha when he comes out. Lucia is also a decent DPS, but as the game matures, more powerful DPS characters will emerge.

As you’ll almost always have your attacker out, you should be able to focus on your main character in story mode. Your gameplay will be easier if you spend more resources on them because you will hit a plateau if you upgrade them all at the same time.

Phantom Cage & Warzone Team Building


DPS Support Tank
S Alpha B Liv S Rosetta
S Lee S Liv A Kamui
A Bianca   B Nanami
A watanabe    

General Lineup: Pain Cage and Warzone: Alpha, B Liv, Rosetta


  • Red: Rosetta 
  • Yellow: Alpha
  • Blue: B Liv

Note: B liv is on the blue position since she uses Da Vinci set and Alpha’s Sword Wave always uses 3 blue orbs atleast to activate, hence having B liv on Blue when used in physical lineups

Alternative Lineup: Warzone Lineup: Alpha, Rosetta, A karen


  • Red: Rosetta
  • Yellow: Alpha
  • Blue: A Karen

Note: S Lee is still good but when Alpha came to the game, Alpha just took over his role and just became the second pick for a Physical DPS. S Lee is very good at clearing warzone waves, Alpha’s Sword Wave mode is what makes her good.


DPS Support Tank
S Bianca A liv S Vera
A Lucia   A Chrome

General Lineup:

Pain Cage and Warzone: S Bianca, S Vera/A Chrome, A Liv


  • Red: A Chrome/ S Vera
  • Yellow: A Liv
  • Blue: S Bianca

Budget Lineup and Positioning for S Bianca-less:

  • Red: A Chrome
  • Yellow: A Liv
  • Blue: A Lucia

Note: All the servers except CN, do not have S vera yet


DPS Support Tank
  A Vera S Kamui
A watanabe
Model Name: Astral

General Lineup:

Pain Cage and Warzone: S Karen, A Sofia, S nanami


  • Red: S Karen
  • Yellow: Sofia
  • Blue: S Nanami


DPS Support Tank
Raven A Wanshi S Chrome
    A Changyu

Lineup if you have S Chrome

  • Red: S Chrome
  • Yellow: Wanshi
  • Blue: Raven

S Chrome-less people lineup

  • Red: Wanshi
  • Yellow: Changyu/ Any Debuffer
  • Blue: Raven

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