PGR Lucia Plume (S Class): Equipment, Memory, and Ability Guide

Check out the overview of Lucia Plume’s abilities, equipment, and memories recommendations.

Overall rating 9.5 / 10 points
War Zone rating 9.0/10 points
Phantom Pain rating 9.5/10 points

Ice attributes deals more damage

By triggering a special move, Lucia Plume enters a state known as ” Frigid Mode “. She can inflict ice damage while in this mode with normal attacks and signal skills, and if she activates a 3-chain signal skill while in this mode, she can also perform a special move that inflicts ice damage and has a slowing effect.

Switch to cold mode once the gauge is full to use the signal skill!

By accumulating 100Pt worth of energy (3 chains x 2 times or more) for Lucia in Normal Mode, her signals will be ordered in 3 chains when you switch to Extreme Cold Mode.

By using these 3 chain signals, you can accumulate enough special move points to perform high damage special moves while in Cold Mode.

Suitable for high-level content

A powerful ice damage-dealing character such a  Lucia Plume can be an effective player both in capturing events and in high-difficulty content like phantom pain cages. 

Particularly, it is highly recommended to use a DPS character on Warzone events where ice damage is advantageous.

Lucia Plume Memory Guide

Depending on your play style, you can equip other weapons and memories that correspond to a certain situation. It’s up to you whether you want to deal continuous chain damage or ice-focused damage.

How to optimize memory for continuous chain damage?

You can choose from Hanna or Aife if you prefer a 3-chain combo.

You can use core passive to regularly launch high-power 3 chain attacks and long-range attacks by organizing 4 points of Hannah (6-star memory) or Aife (5-star memory). You can activate it. 

It is recommended for those who are focused on damage anyway, as it activates the damage increase effect of Crimson Birch.

Organize Darwin (6-star memory) with a damage increasing effect, Zuwenyuan (6-star memory) with an ice attribute damage increasing effect, etc.

lucia plume memory build 1

The memory slot should look like this:

  • Slot 1 – Hanna
  • Slot 2 – Hanna
  • Slot 3 – Hanna
  • Slot 4 – Hanna
  • Slot 5 – Zuwenyuan
  • Slot 6 – Zuwenyuan

How to optimize memory for ice damage?

The normal attack / signal skill of Lucia Lotus is compatible with Zuwenyuan’s ice damage increase effect. You can also reduce ice resistance with the 4-point set effect, so be sure to implement it when you’re an ice attacker!

Darwin and Einsteina (6-star memory), which both have the set effect of increasing damage dealt, are ideal for the remaining two slots.

lucia plume memory build 2

The memory slot should look like this:

  • Slot 1 – Zuwenyuan
  • Slot 2 – Zuwenyuan
  • Slot 3 – Zuwenyuan
  • Slot 4 – Zuwenyuan
  • Slot 5 – Einsteina
  • Slot 6 – Einsteina

Lucia Plume Equipment Guide

The best weapon for Lucia Plume is Crimson Birch.

Any Longsword weapon can be equipped. Experiment with these weapons to find out which suits your playstyle.

Below is a list of Longswords that you can equip with Lucia Plume:

  • Red Cherry Blossom
  • Crimson Birch
  • Sirius
  • Lotus Berserker
  • Kageuchi – Gyakudan
  • Sariel
  • Standard Blade
  • Guardian Blade
  • Mumei
  • Kuji no Sada


In the beginning of a battle, Lucy Plume has many evolution-passive skills that increase her energy storage / ice damage. As an ice attribute attacker, you want to make it convex (evolve) in order to increase your damage output!

SS Targets struck by Blue orb take 10% more damage for 8s.
SSS Option 1: Gain full energy and 2 ultimate stacks at the start of battle. Orb damage +5% when the gauge is not empty during Glacial mode.
SSS+ Ice damage +20% during core passive mode.


Red Unleash 3 blade waves ahead, striking 3 times and dealing a total of 222%/444%/666% Physical damage.
Yellow Raise the shield and charge towards the target followed by a spear attack, dealing220%/440%/660% Physical damage and gain3%/6%/10% HP worth of shield for 5s.Gain Super Armor during the move.
Blue Toss and retrieve the shield, dragging enemies anddealing 220%/440%/660% Physical damage andapplying Spear of Insight for 8s.

Spear of Insight: Target’s Physical defense is reduced by 20%.

Passive Skills

Core (effect as primary DPS) The Core Passive effect is always given to the Special Move when energy is present when it is activated. 

Normal mode: 50% energy and 1 special move Pt increase for every 3 chains, and up to 2 special moves Pt can be stocked in normal mode. 

Ice Mode: Consumes energy over time, increasing ice damage by 25% in the presence of energy. 

The Special Move Pt increases by 1 for every 3 chains, and the Special Move Pt that can be stocked in the frigid mode is up to 4.
Leader (effect when she is the captain) 10% increase in ice damage for all units. 
There is a 5% increase in attack type structure attacks
Passive 1 As soon as the blue orb hits a target, your damage to that target increases by 10% for the next 8 seconds.
Passive 2 Start with a max energy bar and 2 ultimate stacks.
Any skill orb that reaches the energy bar while in ice mode deals 5% more damage.
Passive 3 Core passive damage increases by 20%.

Active Skills

Basic Attack Strike an enemy with a sword, causing 320% physical damage.Ice Mode: Deals 205% ice damage and 135% physical damage with continuous attacks.
Ultimate Skill Switch to Ice Mode. You are immune to CC during the switch. If your energy is full when you switch, the orbs will be rearranged in a 3-orb format.

Ice Mode: Jump up and toss down your booster towards the ground, dealing 450/600/800/1520(900/1200/1600/3040)% ice damage, temporarily slowing the target and return to normal mode. 

Mode Switch: Can be used anytime during normal mode. 
If the ultimate has 1 or more charges, it can be used in Ice mode, after switching there will be a 5-second cooldown.
QTE Deals 160% physical damage and 160% ice damage to enemies.
Class-specific Passive Increases additional damage effect by 10%
Awakening Get three signals at the start of the battle.

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