PGR Lucia Crimson Abyss (S Class): Equipment, Memory, and Ability Guide

Check out the overview of Lucia Crimson Abyss’ abilities, equipment, and memories recommendations.

Overall rating 10 / 10 points
War Zone rating 9.5 / 10 points
Phantom Pain rating 10 / 10 points

Her passive becomes ranged attack

When Lucia Crimson Abyss activates signals, her attack mode switches from 3 blue chains to 3 optional chains. She loses her signals after the attack mode change, but gains the number of signals she had (before the mode change) + 2 special signals.

Every time you use a special signal while in sword wave mode, you are able to launch a sword wave at your target from a distance (blade-like).

You can inflict continuous damage from a distance by accumulating a certain number of signals, activating the passive and repeatedly hitting the special signal.

Recommended for physical party team comp

Lucia Crimson Abyss has a lot of physical damage attack skills, is very good with physical damage increase awareness (Burton) and physical defense DOWN (like Catherine), it is ideal for training characters specializing in physical damage.

In addition, the captain passive can improve its own attack power and attack rate, so it is not a problem to arrange as a captain character.

Fast wave clearing (recommended for war zones)

In situations where there are multiple enemies, Lucia Crimson Abyss (Abyssal Red) can use both her passive and special move to attack multiple foes at once, making her very useful. In addition to inflicting high damage on the enemy as a physical attacker, it is a perfect DPS for war zones.

Lastly, she is useful in the Pain Cage Event, in which a fast death to the enemy boss is the key.

Lucia Crimson Abyss Memory Build Guide

Depending on your play style, you can equip other weapons and memories that correspond to a certain situation. It’s up to you whether you want to deal high physical damage or ice-focused damage.

How to optimize memory for physical damage?

Use Burton to enhance physical damage.

Darwin (6-star) increases the amount of damage per signal activation, while Condelina (6-star) increases the damage of ordinary attacks. These are recommended for the two remaining slots.

Note: These memories are best paired with the Lotus Berserker longsword.

The memory slot should look like this:

  • Slot 1 – Burton
  • Slot 2 – Burton
  • Slot 3 – Burton
  • Slot 4 – Burton
  • Slot 5 – Condelina
  • Slot 6 – Condelina

How to optimize memory for focusing on her passive?

Hanna or Aife can activate the three blue chains.

To facilitate the activation of the 3 chains (especially the blue signals) that are required to activate the passive, you can arrange Hanna or Aife with 4 fast-generating set effects.

Darwin increases the additional damage effect per signal activation, and Burton enhances the damage of physical attacks for the remaining two slots.

Note: These memories are best paired with the Red Crimson Blossom longsword.

The memory slot should look like this:

  • Slot 1 – Hanna
  • Slot 2 – Hanna
  • Slot 3 – Hanna
  • Slot 4 – Hanna
  • Slot 5 – Burton
  • Slot 6 – Burton

Lucia Crimson Abyss Equipment Build Guide

The best weapon for Lucia Crimson Abyss is Red Crimson Blossom or Lotus Berseker.

Any Longsword weapon can be equipped. Experiment with these weapons to find out which suits your playstyle.

Below is a list of Longswords that you can equip with Lucia Crimson Abyss:

  • Red Cherry Blossom
  • Crimson Birch
  • Sirius
  • Lotus Berserker
  • Kageuchi – Gyakudan
  • Sariel
  • Standard Blade
  • Guardian Blade
  • Mumei
  • Kuji no Sada


If you want to deal high physical damage, concentrate on upgrading Lucia Crimson Abyss if you want her to deal normal attack damage/skill damage.

SS Physical damage is increased by 10% with three chains of red signals. The duration is 4 seconds.
SSS Increased the additional damage effect by 5% when switching between Sword Wave and Normal mode.
SSS+ Activating the blue signal skill increases physical damage by 20%


Red Depending on the number of signals shot, this attack deals 12.5%, 25%, or 37.5% physical damage to targets within range. A 3 chain attack deals 37.5% physical damage to the target and blows it away.
Yellow Assaults enemies on her path, dealing 125%, 250%, or 375% damage depending on the number of signals shot.
Blue Build up your own energy supply. The duration is 5 seconds. This increases your movement speed by 20% / 30% / 50% depending on the number of signals fired, and adds 2% / 4% / 6% physical damage twice depending on the number of signals fired at the time of attack. If you release the sword wave, additional damage is activated. Sword waves deal 4% / 8% / 12% physical damage.

Passive Skills

Core (effect as primary DPS) Consume Blue orbs again to enter Sword Wave mode. All orbs will become Sword Wave orbs after the Blue orbs are consumed again. Sword Waves deal 170(340)% physical damage and gain super armor when cast on the enemy.
Leader (effect when she is the captain) Assault teammates’ attack damage increases by 10% and 5% respectively critical chance.
Passive 1 After consuming three Red Orbs, increase physical damage by 10%, it lasts for 4 seconds.
Passive 2 Gain 2 random orbs after exiting Sword Wave mode.
Passive 3 When Blue orbs are consumed, physical damage is increased by 15%.

Active Skills

Basic Attack Luca attacks with a 5-hit sword style, dealing 40(80)%/50(100)%/60(120)%/90(180)%/100(200)% of physical damage, entering the third sequence immediately after dodging.
Ultimate Skill Deals up to 1300(2600)% physical damage in a flurry of slashes.
QTE Maintains airborne control over the enemy during the attacking duration, dealing a total of 300(600%)% of physical damage.
Class-specific Passive Damage increases by 10(20)%.
Awakening Get three signal balls as soon as you enter battle (once only per battle). Unlockable.

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