Punishing: Gray Raven Fallen Star guide

Fallen Star is the second event of Punishing: Gray Raven (PGR), where players can complete different missions in order to obtain Memory and the event currency, Hetero Samples.

Punishing: Gray Raven (PGR) is a mobile action role-playing game that is set in a post-apocalyptic world. The world is overrun by corrupted cybernetic enemies caused by the Punishing Virus. The game allows players to lead a squad of up to three characters, known as Constructs, against the corrupted and other opposing forces to retake the planet.

Constructs can be improved by levelling up and promoting them, as well as levelling their weapons and equipping them with gear. Players are able to unlock additional Constructs by advancing in the main story, and more Constructs can be obtained through a gacha machine and in-game events. The in-game currency can be obtained through in-app purchases and playing the game, which are used to obtain Constructs and equipment. A pity system ensures that the player will receive rare items after a certain number of pulls.

The game also features a housing system in the form of dormitories, where players are able to decorate and move constructs into their dorms in order to improve their mood. Constructs can be assigned chores in the dorms to obtain in-game materials.

Punishing: Gray Raven recently launched its second in-game event, Fallen Star. The event commenced on Thursday, 9 September 2021, and will continue for an entire month.

Fallen Star currency

During the event, players will need to obtain the event currency, Hetero matter. Players can use a sample of Hetero matter in exchange for supplies in the Aerial Supply. Hetero matter is produced by the Punishing Virus under special environmental conditions. Dense and solid, its behaviours are far more complicated than that of the Punishing Virus.

Mass Deterioration

In the Fallen Star event menu, players will discover a new mission titled Mass Deterioration. The mission will be able to be completed from Thursday, 9 September 2021, until 11 October 2021. After selecting the Mass Deterioration option, players will be able to select various distinct event missions. The event missions can be divided into two different modes: Normal and Challenge. As the name states, Normal Mode is on normal difficultly, while Challenge Mode is more difficult. Each mode features different missions that players can complete:

Normal Mode Challenge Mode
QL-1 QLc-1
QL-2 QLc-2
QL-3 QLc-3
QL-4 QLc-4

It is important to note that each level costs a specific amount of Hetero samples to do. For example, if players want to do QL-1, they need to pay 30 Hetero samples. The number of Hetero samples will increase per level. This said, players will need to pay 120 samples to complete level QL-7.

Mass Deterioration requirements

The Mass Deterioration event is only available for Commandants level 40 and above. It is recommended that players below level 40 grind up to that level fast to participate in the event.

Normal mode levels

If players successfully complete QL-1 they will receive 32 Hetero Samples. While completing QL-2, players can receive between 34 and 37 Hetero Samples. It is recommended that players grind these two levels as it rewards the most Hetero Samples if it is successfully completed.

QL-3 and QL-4 rewards the lowest number of Hetero Samples. However, these stages have a 17.14 percent chance to drop six Memory. Players also have a 100 percent chance to obtain six Memory after clearing it eight times.

It is recommended that players do not complete levels QL-3 and QL-4 at the start of the event. They should rather focus on obtaining as much event currency as fast as they can.

Players can do QL-5 if they do not want to keep repeating QL-1 and QL-2. The level takes approximately 15 seconds to complete. Players can receive between 33 and 36 Hetero Samples for successfully completing the stage.

Players will pay the most if they want to complete QL-6 and QL-7. However, these stages reward players with the highest number of Hetero Samples. If they complete QL-6, they will receive approximately 86 Hetero Samples. While completing QL-7, players will receive between 135 and 141 Hetero Samples.

Challenge Mode levels

It is recommended that players complete QLc-1 and QLc-2 as it rewards the most Hetero Samples. However, players can still complete QLc-3 and QLc-4 if they are up for a challenge. It is important to note that these rounds will only award the player with five Hetero Samples, while completing QLc-1 rewards 37 and QLc-2 34 Hetero Samples.

It is important to note that QLc-3 and QLc-4 are the Memory stages. Players should thus complete the levels if they are farming Memory. However, it is recommended that players do these levels last, as players should focus on obtaining a lot of Hetero Samples as fast as possible.

First time rewards

When players complete the different levels for the first time, they will receive various rewards, including Heteromer Cry, Black Cards, Battle Log and Cogs. Completing each level will give the player different amounts of each reward.

Players will be able to buy various items in the Battle Log shop with the Battle Log rewards they obtained. However, the items will only unlock once they have reached a certain point in the game.


Fallen Star is the second event of Punishing: Gray Raven. The event features two different modes, Normal and Challenge Mode. Players are able to complete different missions in order to obtain the event currency, Hetero Samples and Memory. The Fallen Star event will conclude on 11 October 2021.

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