PGR Let’s Bingo Event

The Let’s Bingo event in Punishing: Gray Raven requires you to complete 9 missions on the website. Several resources and BCs that were part of the events will be unlocked in the near future.

Event period

  • Aug 6 – Sept 8 06:59 (UTC)
bingo rewards
The list of in-game rewards if you complete the Bingo.

Event Rewards

  • Award Name
  • Black Card*250
  • Weapon EnhancerIV *10
  • Basic Construct Research Ticket*100
  • Serum Bundle (M)*1
  • Memory EnhancerIV *10
  • Targeted Weapon Research Ticket*100

There are some simple mechanics of the event, such as joining the official discord, sharing the accounts on social media, and watching the new video preview of Frozen Darkness.

Others make you wait for the sub-event period, such as memelord ascensions, fanart contests, and video contests.

Event Rules

pgr bingo rules

These rules can be found from the official event page.

  1. Please register with an e-mail address first to participate in the event. Then you can learn more about the event details of each bingo tile.
  2. You can obtain a total of 7 different rewards from this bingo event.
  3. Activate a bingo tile by completing the mission written on them. Press a tile to see more details.
  4. When the activated bingo tiles make a straight line, you will gain the rewards that the line points to.
  5. Available rewards will turn rainbow in color. Press them for the gift code of that reward.
  6. After claiming your gift code, enter the P:GR game and redeem the code through your player profile screen.
  7. Please do not share your code with others as the codes are one-use and for yourself only.
  8. If you have any troubles redeeming the code, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service for help.
  9. All gift codes in this event will expire by Sept 8 10:00 (UTC).

The Punishing: Gray Raven operations management team reserves the rights of final interpretation for this event.

Pros of the event

  • A lot of free in-game items.

Cons of the event

  • It’s a real hassle, plus the interface is quirky

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