Punishing: Gray Raven’s Ayla

During the Fallen Star event in Punishing: Gray Raven (PGR), players will be able to unlock Ayla, a new tank that features unique skills, weapons and abilities.

Punishing: Gray Raven (PGR) is a popular mobile action role-playing game set in a post-apocalyptic world. The world is overrun by corrupted cybernetic enemies caused by the Punishing Virus. The game invites players to lead a squad of up to three characters, known as Constructs, against the corrupted and other opposing forces in order to retake the planet.

Constructs can be improved by levelling up as well as upgrading their weapons and gear. Players can obtain Constructs by progressing in the main story, and through the gacha system. Additionally, players will also unlock Constructs if they participate in the in-game events.

The in-game currency can be obtained by completing missions and through in-app purchases. Players can use the currency to purchase additional gear, weapons and upgrade material. Since Punishing: Gray Raven is a gacha game, it features a pity-system. This ensures that players will receive some items after a certain number of pulls.

The game also features a housing system in the form of dormitories (dorm). Players are able to decorate and move constructs into their dorms in order to improve their mood. Constructs can also be assigned chores in the dorms to obtain in-game materials.

Punishing: Gray Raven has recently launched its second in-game event called Fallen Star. The event commenced on Thursday, 9 September 2021, and will continue for an entire month. During the event, players will be able to complete limited-time missions, receive various rewards, obtain new Constructs and unlock new furniture.

One of the new Constructs players can obtain during the event is Ayla. She is an Archaeological team member from the World Government Association of Art in Babylonia. Ayla is described as the new blood of Babylonia with a big passion for art.


Ayla makes a fantastic tank as she falls into the A-ranks. She also falls into the physical element. Players will be able to play her with her signature weapon, Purle Peony, also known as the scythe. When dealing damage to shielded enemies, this weapon will increase all damage by two percent, stack three times, and will last for five seconds. When players break an enemy’s shield, Purple Peony will stun the target for two seconds. It is important to note that this effect has a 10-second cooldown on each effect enemy.

Ayla’s skills

Ayla can be crucial to any fight as she has some unique specialities, skills and abilities. She is able to attract the attention of enemies. She also releases a shield as a defence mechanism. The following table indicates Alya’s skills and abilities:

Name of skill Description of skill
Red Orb When attacking with the scythe, it will deal a certain amount of damage, depending on the circumstances.
Blue Orb Players are able to throw the scythe forward and recall it. This action will deal a certain amount of physical damage to all enemies caught in the path.
Yellow Orb The skill will deal physical damage when it is smashed into a target. If players swing the scythe upwards after colliding with a target, it will deal additional physical damage.
Basic Attack When Ayla attacks with her scythe, she can deal up to 610 percent physical damage.
Ultimate skill Attacking with the scythe can deal up to 120 percent physical damage with each swing. However, at the end of the ultimate, Ayla can charge and strike to deal up to 600 percent physical damage.
Assist skills (QTE) This skill deals up to 500 percent physical damage and will decrease the enemy’s defences by up to 10 percent for five seconds. The final strike of this skill will knock out the target.
Class-specific Passive skill Ayla has the ability to increase the enemy’s damage taken by 10 percent.
Awakening Players will get three signal balls when entering a battle. However, this ability is only available once per battle. It is important to note that this ability needs to be unlocked.

Ayla’s team composition

Even though players can use her in any team, it is recommended that players use her in a team with A-ranked Bianca Zero and B-ranked Live Benediction. It is believed that Ayla will perform the best with this team composition.

Recommended gear for Ayla

With regard to Ayla’s Memories, she should be equipped with a two-ping of Catherine. The Memory statistics has vitality of 149 percent and critical of six percent. In a two-piece set, the QTE and three-ping skills reduce the target’s physical defence by 20 percent for eight seconds. It is important to note that it has a cooldown of 10 seconds

Ayla should also be equipped with a four-piece set of Da Vinci. This means that when the QTE is triggered, it will trigger another Construct’s QTE. However, if there are three Constructs on the field, attack is increased by 20 percent.


During the Fallen Star event, players have an opportunity to obtain Ayla. She will be a crucial part of any battle with her unique skills, abilities and weapon. Ayla takes on the role of a tank, and it is recommended that players use her in a team with Bianca and Liv.

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