Perfect World Mobile: Occultist

Players can now become an Occultist in Perfect World Mobile, which are descendants of the ancient Winged Elves.


The well-renowned video game, Perfect World, has been faithfully replicated on mobile to give players an epic experience of this classic title, with all its unforgettable moments. You can immerse yourself in the Perfect World Mobile game, which is filled with oriental charm.

Just like in the video game, players can explore the myths and lore of Xianxia. Players get the opportunity to choose their race and class when they play the game for the first time.

Moreover, they can create and customise a character according to their liking. You will be able to select their hairstyles, facial expressions, body marks, eye colour, and name, amongst other details.

Perfect World Mobile: Occultist
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What are the different classes?

The game currently has 4 races, however, you can only select 1. Every race contains 3 different classes, each of which have different talents, abilities, and skills.

The following table lists the races in the game, some of their classes, and a description of each:

Race Class Description

Blade Soul

A group of battle-hardened Warrior Souls with an unyielding sense of purpose.
Winged Elf


Clerics are masters of healing and assistance. They keep the team away from lethal outcomes while dealing firepower.

Soul Hunter

They embrace the forbidden power of souls, which allows them to deliver incredible bursts of damage while maintaining crippling damage-per-second.


Assassins are stealthy characters that are capable of sneaking up on their opponents before dealing horrific damage to them.

Perfect World Mobile: Occultist

The game’s developer occasionally introduces new content to keep players engaged and motivated, and enjoying the game. Players can now also become Occultists, which are descendants of the ancient Winged Elves.

They arrived in Perfect World by crossing the chasm of space-time. Occultists possess powerful spatial warping powers, and it is up to them to save the world from oblivion.

Perfect World Mobile: Occultist
© Perfect World

It is worth noting that every class has its own base statistics, which increase as the character’s level improves. The following table lists an Occultist’s base statistics:

Statistic Amount
Health 369
Experience 38
Spirit 5000
Maximum Mana 355
Level 2
Magic Attack Between 105 and 111
Power 641

To increase your character’s base statistics, you have to gain experience points which are acquirable by advancing in the game. Players can also increase their character’s statistics by upgrading their Cultivation Stage.

Occultist’s skills

As stated before, each class has varying talents and strengths, however, they are all divided into different Cultivation Stages. Players can increase their Cultivation stage to unlock additional skills.

The following table highlights an Occultist’s skills at the base Cultivation stage, and gives a description of each:

Skill name Description


Once activated, it deals a specific amount of additional magic damage to the target.


The skill deals additional magic damage to the target. The damage increases as the skill levels up.

Temporal Shock

The character channels temporal energy to strike the enemies to the front 4 times in 2 seconds. Additionally, it will inflict 32 percent magic damage.

Space Rift

The Occultist will summon a Space Rift next to the target. It has a radius of 6 meters and will last 6 seconds, dealing 12 percent damage every 1.5 seconds.
Perfect World Mobile: Occultist
© Perfect World

What are the Cultivation Stages?

It is believed that a Cultivation Stage is the most important identification for a Seeker. Whether you are a martial arts master, or a magic wielder, your Cultivation Stage is a crucial part of your career.

Players can complete every Cultivation quest to reach the corresponding Cultivation Stage, and subsequently unlock new skills.

There are currently 7 stages, namely, Base, Inspired, Attuned, Blessed, Savvy, Awakened, and Enlightened. Your character needs to be on a specific level before you can advance your Cultivation Stage. Once you have reached level 69, you can choose either the Path of the Demon, or the Path of Sage.

Skill system

It is worth noting that most of the skills in the game can be upgraded, which costs Spirits and Silver Coins. You can procure both of these items as you advance in the game.

Once a skill has reached level 10, 25, 35 or 45, it can only be further levelled up when all other skills have reached the same level.

Final thoughts

Perfect World Mobile is a popular game that allows players to explore the myths and lore of Xianxia. As the game’s name suggests, it is based on the classic video game, Perfect World.

This means that you as the player can enjoy similar character classes, races, locations, and storylines as you would in the video game.

You will have the opportunity to create a character when you first start playing the game. You can choose their race, class, facial expressions, name, gender, and hairstyles, among other features.

One of the classes you can choose is Occultists, which are descendants of the ancient Winged Elves. Occultists are powerful damage dealers and their skills can be improved by reaching new Cultivation Stages.

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