Pathfinder 2e: Psychic

One of the classes you can choose in Pathfinder 2e is Psychic, and they allow their subconscious and conscious minds to influence their choices.

Pathfinder is a well-renowned role-playing game that uses a d20 ruleset, which you can also find at the core of Dungeons and Dragons. Because the game is focused on storytelling, one party member takes on the role of the storyteller.

The other party members can create and customise a character before stepping into the persistent world. As the player, it is up to you to solve problems, unravel mysteries, and collect treasures.

During the character creation phase, you can select your character’s background, culture, ancestry, and class. Gamers should note that these aspects can have a significant influence on their characters’ actions and personalities.

Moreover, each class has unique skills and abilities, which will help them defeat enemies in a battle. One of the classes you can select is Psychic, who can delve into both the conscious and the subconscious mind.

How to select a class

Pathfinder 2e has more than 10 classes that you can experience, but you can only play 1 class at a time. Players are having a hard time deciding which class they want to play, as each class has unique skills, abilities, and mechanics.

You base your decisions on your natural playing preferences and strategies that you want to employ. If you enjoy stealth battles, you can take on the role of a Rogue, but if you prefer to defeat enemies from a distance, the Ranger will be a better option for you.

Pathfinder 2e: Psychic

At its core, the Psychic is an impulsive caster that focuses on modified and modifying cantripes. Although this class has fewer spells in a day than other casters, it has much more readily renewable resources.

Pathfinder 2e: Psychic
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Each subclass and conscious mind receives 2 modified standard cantrips, as well as 3 unique cantraps, all of which require further choices to be made regarding focus point usage.

Players should keep in mind that this class only features psychic abilities, including teleportation, mental control of the elements, precognition, astral projection, and telekinesis, among others. Furthermore, the ancestry, race, and heritage that you select can have a great influence on this character.

That being said, some races, heritages, and ancestries are considered a better fit for the psychic than others. One of the ancestries you can select for your character is the Gnome, as the CON and CHA boosts with a penalty to STR are perfect for the Psychic class.

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The Gnome ancestry offers useful heritages and feats, namely:

Category Name Description
Heritage Fey-Touched Innate spells work perfectly, while the Primal spell list provides versatility damage
Heritage Wellspring This heritage offers you access to either the arcane or the divine spell list
Ancestry feats Empathetic plea This is regarded as a great benefit for the CHA-based Psychic, especially since your initiative rolls are generally not good. If you take this, you should focus on diplomacy
Ancestry feats First World Magic If you take an archetype that offers you a primal focus spell, it qualifies you for an Energised Font later in the game

Conscious Minds

Unlike the ancestries and heritage, the conscious minds are considered equal. This is because each subclass fills a specific role in the party. You should thus select the conscious mind that will benefit your game the most:

Conscious mind Description
The Distant Grasp It focuses on control effects, specifically pushing and shoving enemies. Using this conscious mind gives you access to a spell that others do not have access to
The Infinite Eye This mind revolves on buffs with a slight emphasis on dispel magic
The Oscillating Wave This blasting-focused conscious mind is quite unique, as every spell you get from it is stolen from another spell tradition
The Silent Whisper Even though it does not have a deliberate purpose, the cantrips that it has are good

Subconscious minds

It is crucial to remember that your character’s subconscious mind dictates your key ability score. It also offers you a psychic action that you can use while Unleashed. Similarly to the conscious minds, there are several options you can pick from:

Subconscious mind Description
Emotional Acceptance This mind allows you to help an ally against mental effects or heal to them for a specific amount
Gathered Lore You can use occultism to aid your party members
Wandering Reverie It is a CHA Key ability with concealment for yourself

How to roleplay the Psychic

Since Pathfinder 2e is a role-playing game, players generally want to role-play their character in varying situations:

Encounter Description
Combat The character relies on their collection of psychic cantrips as a mainstay, while choosing where and when to amplify them for maximum effect
Exploration You can keep your mind’s eye open for the paranormal threats that those less sensitive might detect
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