Pathfinder 2e: Archetypes

Players can select archetype feats instead of class feats in Pathfinder 2e, however, they first have to choose a dedication feat.

Pathfinder 2e is a traditional tabletop roleplaying game in which gamers can assume the role of a fictional character in an interactive narrative.

Since the game primarily focuses on storytelling, one member of the party takes up the role of the Game Master, who is responsible for the campaign’s story.

The remaining members of the party can create and customise their characters before they start an adventure. While you are in the character creation phase, you have to choose your character’s heritage, ancestry, feats, and class, and you can also make use of archetypes.


There are many classes in Pathfinder 2e, and each class has unique skills and abilities. Some of the classes you can select are:

Class Description
Alchemist This flexible class allows players to be as offensive or supportive as they like
Bard Bards prioritise Charisma and they can sway social situations to their advantage with their natural charm, spells, and performances
Cleric Clerics are considered the religious spellcasters of the game
Oracle They obtain their magical power from understanding a grand mystery of the universe as well as concepts and ideals that gain the attention of deities

Pathfinder 2e: Archetypes

In Pathfinder, there are infinite possible character concepts, but players might find that the feats and skill archives from a single class are not sufficient to fully realise their character. Archetypes enable you to expand the capabilities of your character’s class.

It is noteworthy that applying for an archetype requires that you select archetype feats, instead of class feats. You can start by selecting the archetype that suits your character concept the best.

Once you have found an archetype, you can select the dedication feat using one of your class feat choices. When you have the dedication feat, you can choose a feat from that archetype in the place of a class feat, however, you can only do so if you meet its prerequisites.

Players should note that the archetype feat that they select is still subject to any selection restrictions on the class feat that it replaces.

In other words, if you gained an ability at level 6 that granted you a level 4 class feat with the dwarf trait, you can swap that class feat out only for an archetype feat of level 4 or lower with the dwarf trait. The archetype feats that you gain in place of a class feat is known as archetype class feats.

It is possible that an archetype feat could function like a skill feat instead of a class feat. These feats have the skill trait, and players can select them in the place of a skill feat. That being said, these are not archetype class feats.

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Multiclass archetypes

Archetypes with the multiclass trait allows you to train another class’s traits. This means that you cannot select a multiclass archetype’s dedication feat if you are a member of the class of the same name.

In other words, if you are a fighter, you cannot select the fighter dedication feat. However, you will benefit from various effects if you select another dedication feat as a fighter. Some of these are as follows:

Dedication feat Description
Alchemy Fighter alchemists can use alchemy to gain additional options in situations where their usual skill is not as successful
Barbarian This archetype is a great choice for characters that focus on strength and melee attacks
Druid If you choose the Druid dedication feat, you will benefit from healing or elemental damage. This can increase your utility in a natural environment
Sorcerer With this archetype, your character can use skills like haste and invisibility
Champion This archetype significantly improves your character’s defences

What are the best archetypes?

Pathfinder 2e players should note that no archetype are considered the best, or the worst, but there are some archetypes that are more popular than others, namely:

Archetype Description
Halcon Speaker This archetype can be used by spellcasters, as it provides additional spells to cast and the ability to cast 2 spells simultaneously
Marshal The Marshal archetype can grant bonuses to attack rolls as well as temporary health points. They are perfect for strategic players
Scroll Trickster When using this archetype, your character can transform into a valued utility caster
Shadowdancer This archetype is perfect for spies, assassins, and infiltrators, as it offers you stealth bonuses and sneak attacks


As mentioned before, once you have selected a dedication feat, you can choose any feat from that archetype for your benefit.

Keep in mind that feats represent unique skills or abilities that a character has obtained through training or luck. Feats grant your character abilities that others may not have access to.

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