OSRS: How to Splash

Splashing is a unique technique in OSRS that allows you to farm Magic experience points, however, you need to have the correct gear equipped in order to splash.

In this massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG), Old School RuneScape (OSRS) players can interact with each other and with the environment.

The game is set in a fictitious world, in which you can partake in numerous activities. Before you can enjoy these activities, you have to create and customise a character.

After the character creation phase, players have to complete introductory missions to learn the game’s mechanics.

Once you have completed the tutorial missions, you can complete quests, learn skills, defeat monsters, and harvest resources. One of the skills you can get in OSRS is splashing, which can take some time to master.


Splash in OSRS is a simple, yet quite effective way to train your Magic level with little effort. It essentially activates after you cast a spell. When it hits the target, it does not do any damage and you will see an animation that looks like water splashing on a surface.

Splashing commonly refers to an activity where players try to intentionally fail the spell. You receive a specific amount of Magic experience points for casting any spell, regardless of whether you hit the monster or not. Doing no damage with a cast is called a splash.

Players can thus attack monsters that deal no damage to their character and cast splashing spells with auto-cast to gain experience.

OSRS: How to splash

Before attempting the technique, players must equip the correct gear. You need to have a Magic Attack bonus of -65 or higher, however, in order to auto-cast, you also need a staff. A typical equipment setup for splashing is a full set of metal melee armour, of any tier, from bronze to rune.

OSRS: How to Splash
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This includes a full helm, platebody, platelegs, or a plateskirt and a kiteshield. In the boot slot, you can equip any of the mental boots from bronze to dragon. In the glove slot, you must have dragonhide vambraces of any colour, provided that you have the ranged level for them.

You should equip an elemental staff to auto-cast your splashing spells. Once you have equipped the correct gear, you have to determine which spell you want to splash with.

To save on rune costs, it is advisable that you splash with the first tier spells, like the strike spells. Players should consider getting a rune pouch for additional inventory space.

While the value of runes changes, strike spells generally have the best gp/ex ratio of all the spells in OSRS. Keep in mind that if you continuously cast these spells for extended periods of time, you will bleed gp using high level spells.

Once you decide on a spell, you need to equip an elemental staff that corresponds with that spell. Fire strike is one of the most common splashing spells, as it provides the most experience of the strike spells. If you use this spell, you should use a fire staff instead of a smoke staff.

When you have equipped the correct gear, and have a spell to splash with, you have to practice splashing to master the technique.

Splashing locations

As previously mentioned, you should attack enemies that will not damage your character. It is advisable that you seek out rats, spiders, and seagulls. Locations with many of these creatures include Port Port Piscarilius and Port Sarim.

Alternatively, you can find chickens between the East Ardougne bank and Captain Barnaby. Although you can use these locations, you can use any location in OSRS to farm experience.

However, you should not farm it in Lumbridge as the ability to gain experience when your Magic accuracy is too low, was removed.

Splashing magic experience points

It is crucial to note that the magic experience points you receive depends on the tier of the spell used. The table below lists the spell and the experience rates that you can receive:

Spell name Experience rates
Wave spell 50 700 experience points per hour
Blast spell 41 300 experience points per hour
Bolt spell 27 000 experience points per hour
Strike spell 13 900 experience points per hour

How to prevent your OSRS client from becoming inactive

While splashing away-from-keyboard (AFK) your client may become inactive, as you have to move the camera or click on your target every 20 minutes. Players could keep their character farming for 6 hours straight.

However, some OSRS players believed that this was cheating, and the AFK feature was removed. The game’s developer, Jagex, introduced a 15-minute restriction for splashing.

This means that you can splash AFK for 15 minutes before you have to interact with the game in a different way.

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