OSRS: How to get to Hosidius

Hosidius is one of the cities in the Kingdom of Great Kourend in OSRS, but it can be complicated to reach it.

Old School RuneScape (OSRS) is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) that combines exploration with battle tactics.

It is set in a vast open world, in which you can interact with the environment and other players. There are numerous activities that you can partake in, but it is advisable that you focus on completing the main story arc.

The main quests will lead you to various locations, cities, and regions in OSRS. Every region has unique monsters, multiple side quests, and many resources to harvest. One of the cities that you can explore is Hosidius, but it can be complicated to travel to.


Hosidius is one of the 5 cities in the Kingdom of Great Kourend. It is led by Lord Kandur Hosidius of Hosidius House.

The Hosidius House’s export focus is on farming, agricultural, and cooking, as they are the primary food supplier to the citizens and soldiers of the Kingdom.

Players can earn Hosidius’ favour by helping with the production of farmed foods, and by preparing food for soldiers. Once you have Hosidius’ favour, you will get access to both of the city kitchens. These kitchens reduce the chance of burning food when you are cooking.

You will also get access to the Spirit tree patch, the Woodcutting Guild, the ability to play the Tithe Farm minigame, and the Farming guild.

OSRS: How to get to Hosidius

There are numerous methods that you can use to get to Hosidius in OSRS, however, players first have to complete the quests, Client of Kourend and X Marks the Spot to access Great Kourend.

Both quests can be started by talking to Veos in the Lumbridge bar. These quests are designed to be completed early into an account’s progression. When you complete the Client of Kourend quest, you will be at the docks.

The first way to get to Hosidius is to run there from the Great Kourend Docks. It may take some time, but if you run south from the docks, you will reach Hosidius.

Alternatively, you can use a teleport to house spells or tablets, but your house must be in Hosidius and you must have at least 40 Magic and the required runes. Players can change the location of their house to Hosidius by talking to one of the Estate Agents.

You can also select the Xeric Glade option by using the Xeric’s Talisman to be brought northeast of the Hosidius Farming patch.

Keep in mind that the talisman is an uncommon drop from the lizardmen, shamans, and brutes. It must also be changed with lizardman fangs, which can be acquired by defeating monsters.

You can also use Kharedst’s Memoirs or the Book of the Dead to reach Hosidius. To use a book to teleport, you need to reunite it with its missing pages.

Each page is rewarded for completing a quest that is related to each of the Kourend houses. To reach Hosidius, you have to complete The Depths of Despair.

Spirit trees

Spirit Trees are a gnomish method of transportation. Limited access is granted to the network upon completion of the Tree Gnome Village. This system allows players to travel from any spirit tree that you have unlocked directly to any other Spirit Tree in the network.

If you have the skills and the items for it, you can plant your own Spirit tree to get to Hosidius in OSRS. There is a spirit tree patch west of the city, within the saltpeter mines.

Keep in mind that you need 83 Farming to plant 1 spirit tree, 92 to plant 2, and 99 to plant an unlimited number of spirit trees.

Tithe Farm minigame teleportation

To use this method, you need 100 Hosidius favours and you need to have entered the Tithe Farm at least once. When you meet these conditions, you can open the Grouping tab in the clan Interface. In the dropdown menu, select “Tithe Farm” and click on “Teleport.”

How to gain Hosidius favour

To earn Hosidius’ favour, you have to complete several tasks. You can initially only plough the fields found south of the town square. Once you have reached 5 percent favour, you can start making sulphurous fertilizer. Each bucket grants 2 farming experience points.

After reaching 20 percent favour, you can begin the Depths of Despair quest, but it requires the completion of Client of Kourend and 18 Agility. When you have 45 percent favour, you can cook meals in the Mess until you have reached 65 percent favour.

At this point, you will get access to the Vinery, where you can farm grapes after using saltpeter and grape seeds on a vine patch.

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