OSRS: Herbiboar

The Herbiboar is one of the various creatures that you can track in OSRS, but unlike other creatures, you can harvest herbs from its back.

In Old School RuneScape (OSRS) you can interact with the environment and other players as they explore a persistent world.

You can also take control of a human character to build up skills, complete quests, defeat monsters and enjoy various mini-games.


As you explore the OSRS world, you can encounter an array of creatures, one of which is the Herbiboar.

If you have the Hunter skill at level 80 and the Herblore skill at level 31, you are able to capture this unique creature. If you capture the Herbiboar, you will get between 1950 and 2461 Hunter experience.

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In order to catch a Herbiboar you have to track down its footsteps, which is generally found in Fossil Island.

If you follow its footsteps, you will find the creature’s burrow and you can then klick the burrow which will make the Herbiboar appear.

When the herbiboar appears, you can harvest between 1 and 3 herbs from its back before it fleets.

It is noteworthy that secateurs are not required to harvest the herbiboar, however if you equip the magic secateurs will allow you to harvest an additional herb.

Players should note that there are specific herbs they can harvest from the Herbiboar’s back, however, the herbs that you can loot are determined by your herblore level. Certain herbs can only be harvested if you are in a certain level range.

We therefore recommend that you regularly track down a herbiboar to ensure that you do not miss out on the herbs you can harvest.


The herbs that you can harvest from a herbiboar are determined by your herblore level. The following table outlines which herbs you can acquire:

Level range Herbs
  • Grimy Marrentill
  • Grimy Tarromin
  • Grimy Harralander
  • Grimy Ranarr weed
  • Grimy Lantadyme
  • Grimy Dwarf weed
  • Grimy Snapdragon
  • Grimy Torstol
  • Grimy Guan Leaf
  • Grimy Irit Leaf
  • Grimy Avantoe
  • Grimy Kwuarm
  • Grimy Cadantine

How to track a Herbiboar

To start tracking a herbiboar you have to inspect a mushroom, rock or log next to the hunter icon on the minimap.

Players must continue inspecting rocks, mushrooms, seaweed and muddy patches around the area to find more tracks until a tunnel containing the herbiboar is discovered.

Unlike tracking other items, you cannot use the Ring of Pursuit to track down a herbiboar. Remember that there is a chance that you will fail to track down the creature. If this happens a message will appear in the chatbox.

The message will read, “The creature has successfully confused you with its tracks, leading you round in circles. You’ll need to start again.”

It is also worth noting that the herbiboar you are tracking will disappear if a new track is started before you harvest its herbs.

Herbiboar locations

There are only 5 spots in the Mushroom Forest where you can start tracking a herbiboar. The first location is near the large bay. However, you have to stand on the south east of the bay, near the mountain, to track the herbiboar.

Another herbiboar location is west of a mountain, which can be found to the south of the large pond.

Once you have found that spot, we recommend that you move south to find another herbiboar spawning location. From the third spot, you can move southwest to find an additional spot.

The final spawning location of the herbiboar is in the north of the area, though it is below the smaller pond.


As you progress in ORSR you will get a chance to collect a pet, which is essentially a non-combat NPC that will join you on your adventures.

Hunting Herbiboars gives you a 1/6500 chance to receive the Herbi pet. Keep in mind, though, that you have to harvest the resources before you can collect the pet.

When you receive the pet, it will automatically try to appear as your follower. You will also notice a message in the chat box which reads, “You have a funny feeling like you’re being followed.”

If you get Herbi while you have a follower active, it will be placed in your inventory.

Players will then receive the following message in the chat box, “You feel something weird sneaking into your backpack.”

Keep in mind that if your inventory is full and you already have a follower active, you will not receive the pet.

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