OSRS: CM time

The Chambers of Xeric Challenge Mode (CM) time in OSRS features the same bosses and rooms as the normal raid, but every monster has increased statistics.


Old School RuneScape (OSRS) is an exciting massive multiplayer online video game that has role-playing elements.

The game takes place in a fantasy world that allows you to interact with both the environment and with other players. Moreover, players can participate in a variety of activities that the game offers.

You can complete quests, join raids with friends, go mining, gather resources, and craft gear, amongst other activities. Before you can participate in the activities the game has to offer, you have to create a character.

osrs Chambers of Xeric challenge mode
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What is the Chambers of Xeric Hard Mode?

Players can participate in The Chambers of Xeric and in The Chambers of Xeric Hard Mode, also known as the Challenge Mode. The Chambers of Xeric is a massive cave system located below Mount Quidamortem. It was built by Xeric in the Kebos Lowlands and is the first raid in the game.

The Chambers of Xeric Hard Mode features increased difficulty, and in this mode, players will encounter all possible bosses and rooms in the chambers, with their combat statistics increased. The monsters, however, do not possess new mechanics.

Chambers of Xeric osrs
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OSRS: CM time

The rewards you can receive for defeating the final boss in Challenge Mode (CM) are the same as those you would receive in the normal mode raid, but the points you will earn throughout a CM are much more than in the normal raid.

If you complete the CM raid within a specific period of time, you will have a 1/400 chance of receiving metamorphic dust, which can be used on an Olmlet to allow it to transform into a mini vanguard, a puppadile, Vasa Minirio, Vespina, or a Tektiny.

Furthermore, a completion of the CM raid within a specific time period will offer you an additional 5000 points, but this does not affect your chance of receiving a unique reward. The following table outlines the time required for both benefits:

Number of players Completion time required
More than 24 players 1 hour 20 minutes
Between 16 and 23 players 1 hour
Between 11 and 15 players 45 minutes
Between 5 and 10 players 42 minutes
4 players 45 minutes
3 players 50 minutes
2 players 1 hour 5 minutes
1 player 1 hour 10 minutes

Additional rewards

Completing a specific number of CM raids will offer players certain capes when they speak to Captain Rimor, who is located at the chamber’s entrance. The designs of these capes will change and more elements will be added as you complete more CM raids.

What is an Olmlet?

An Olmlet is a pet obtained from The Chambers of Xeric and it is a smaller version of the Great Olm. Players have a 1/ 65 chance of getting this pet when they receive metamorphic dust. Keep in mind that you only need 1 metamorphic dust to transform an Olmlet into 1 of the 5 pet variations.

Olmlet osrs
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When you receive this pet, you will see 1 of 2 messages on your screen. The message depends on whether you have a pet active or not.

If you have a pet active, the Olmlet will be placed in your backpack, and you will get the following message: “You feel something weird sneaking into your backpack.” However, if you do not have a pet active, you will see this message: “You have a funny feeling like you’re being followed.”

Who is the final boss in The Chambers of Xeric?

The Great Olm is the final boss in both The Chambers of Xeric and The Chambers of Xeric Challenge Mode. Though it is worth noting that he features higher statistics in the CM than in the normal raid.

Before entering the fight, you should be aware he has different types of attacks, namely magic and ranged. Moreover, he summons different spheres and will throw it at your character.

Great Olm osrs
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Players can also experience different attack moves during the fight, but if his left hand is clenched, these attacks will not be launched. Additionally, The Great Olm has phase-unique attacks that only occur during a specific phase in the fight.

Final thoughts

OSRS is a thrilling massive multiplayer online video game that features tactical role-playing elements. It takes place in an imaginative universe, in which players can interact with both the environment and with other players.

The game allows players to participate in a variety of activities. One of the activities you can enjoy is The Chambers of Xeric, which features a normal and a challenge mode.

The Challenge Mode has the same bosses and rooms as the normal mode, but each monster possesses increased statistics, which make them more difficult to defeat.

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