OSRS: Charcoal

One of the resources that players can obtain in OSRS is charcoal, which is needed on multiple quests.


Old School RuneScape (OSRS) is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG), released in 2013. However, when Old School RuneScape launched, it was originally a 2007 version of RuneScape.

It has since received new content, engine improvements and quality of life updates mostly decided by in-game polls.

It now features a never-ending world in which players can interact with the environment, and with each other. Additionally, they can also engage with non-player characters (NPCs), entities and objects by left-clicking on them.

Old School RuneScape invites players to take control of a single character and explore the world. They can gain experience points and level up individual skills, which makes the character more powerful.

It is important to note that the game features a large selection of skills. The skills are divided into three different categories: artisan, combat and gathering.

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The artisan skills enable players to craft, cook and do smithing. While the gathering category consists of mining, fishing and woodcutting. It allows players to gather in-game resources.

The combat skills aid the player in defeating monsters, or other players. The input mechanics are quite easy, as it is mainly point-and-click. Players should note that the combat is turn-based.

New features to Old School RuneScape

Some features that were not released on RuneScape after 2007, have since been released to Old School RuneScape. Some of the new content include The Inferno minigame, Great Kourend and Fossil Island.

Additionally, players can complete new quests, such as the Song of the Elves and the Dragon Slayer 2.

They are also able to defeat new powerful enemies in raids, including the Chambers of Xeric. The game also introduced clans, which means that they can create or join clans to make new friends.

Gaming modes

It is important to note that the game features multiple Ironman Modes. In the normal mode, players are completely prohibited from economic interaction with other players. Subsequently, they are forced to be self-sufficient.

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Additionally, they cannot take items that other players have dropped or sold to stores. They are also unable to pick up items dropped by other players killed in player-versus-player situations.

It is believed that this is one of the most difficult ways to play the game, as many late-game items can only be collected from high level bosses.

Players who choose to do the Ironman Mode can still use the game’s chat feature. However, this mode is often seen as a single player experience due to the necessity of solo exploration or the fictional world for progression.

Old School RuneScape features multiple variations of the Ironman Mode. In the Ultimate Ironman Mode, players cannot use the in-game banks, while the Hardcore Ironman Mode turns into a normal Ironman account after dying for the first time.

OSRS: Charcoal

As mentioned above, players can allocate skill points in three different skill lines, one of which is gathering. While gathering, they can obtain various resources, including charcoal. It is generally used as a writing and sketching tool in quests. However, it can also be used with papyrus.

A lump of charcoal

How to obtain Charcoal

Players can obtain charcoal by chopping dead trees east of Lava Dragon Isle in the Wilderness. Additionally, they can go to the Fossil island volcano or collect it around the Fishing Hamlet.

However, charcoal can also be found in the deal altar and in the Specimen tray at the Digsite. If players do not want to gather charcoal in the above-mentioned areas, they can purchase it in Obli’s General Store.

It can also be purchased at Jiminua’s Jungle store, which is located north-west of Tai Bwo Wannai. Additionally, players can travel to Gunslik in Keldagrim to purchase it.


Players should remember that they will need charcoal for specific quests. The following table indicates the quest name, and why charcoal is needed:

Quest name Why charcoal is needed
Legends’ Quest Players will have to draw on the map Of the Kharazi Jungle to complete it.
Desert Treasure Charcoal is one of the many materials required by Eblis to make the scrying mirrors.
The Dig Site Players will need charcoal to make the chemical compound.
Darkness of Hallowvale Charcoal is needed to make drawings.

In addition to the above-mentioned quests, they will also need charcoal for Shilo Village, Recipe for Disaster and Zogre Flesh Eaters, while it may be required in the Fairy Tale I- Growing Pains quest.


In OSRS, players can allocate skill points into three different skill trees. They can choose the number of skills they want to add to combat, gathering and artisan. The gathering category consists of mining, fishing and woodcutting. It allows players to gather in-game resources.

One of the resources that they can gather in the world is charcoal. It is used as a sketching and writing tool in quests. However, it can also be used with papyrus. If players do not want to search for the item, they can purchase it at various in-game shops.

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