OSRS: Burnt oomlie

In Old School RuneScape, players can attempt to cook an oomlie wrap, but they may accidently burn it, which results in an unfavourable burnt oomlie wrap.

Old School RuneScape (OSRS) is a thrilling massively multiplayer online video game that invites players to enjoy role-playing elements. The game is set in a fictional world in which you can interact with other players and with the environment.

You can participate in the activities the game has to offer, but it is advisable that you focus on the main storyline. While playing the game, you can gather resources, craft gear and weapons, join raids with friends, and defeat a variety of monsters.

It is worth noting that the game allows you to learn skills, and each one can be levelled up. One of the skills you can learn is cooking, which enables you to craft the burnt oomlie wrap.


Cooking in OSRS is a skill that allows you to turn raw food into edible, healing hitpoints when consumed. In order to do this, players use raw cookable food on a range or fire.

Depending on your cooking level, the food may burn sometimes, and as a result, it will become unusable. That being said, ranges burn food less often than fires do at the same level, so it is advisable that you rather use a range.

Some ranges, like the one in the Hosidius Kitchen, burn food less often than a normal range. Keep in mind that some foods can only be cooked on a range.

Old School RuneScape: Burnt oomlie

One of the dishes you can cook in OSRS is the cooked oomlie wrap, however, a burnt oomlie wrap is the result of accidently burning it.

The burn rate while cooking these decreases as your cooking levels increase, and it stops entirely when you reach level 40 of cooking on a range. However, it only stops when you reach level 44 of cooking on a fire.

OSRS: Burnt oomlie
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Players should note that wrapped oomlies cannot be cooked until they have reached level 50 in the cooking skill line. This means that you cannot acquire burnt oomlie wraps by normal means. However, there is a method through which it is possible.

You can use a chilling effect which provides a temporary skill drain by following these steps:

  1. Players can go to the entrance of the God Wars Dungeon, or alternatively, the Ice Path situated north of it
  2. You should then drain Cooking to 50
  3. Next, you can reduce hitpoints to 1 using a locator orb or a dwarven rock cake
  4. Light a fire
  5. Cast rapid heal to reset the regeneration timer
  6. You can cook a full inventory of wrapped oomlies to give the cooking skill some drain, until it has reached below 44
  7. The cooking level will continue to drop below 44 while the oomlies are cooking. All successive cooking attempts below 44 cooking have a  nonzero chance of burning

This method depends on your character being 1 hitpoint for the duration of the cooking process. The cold will not cause damage with a single hitpoint remaining. If a hitpoint regeneration occurs, damage will be done, and as a result, the action will be interrupted.

Can the burnt oomlie wrap be sold?

Similarly to other burnt food, the burnt oomlie wrap is worthless, as it cannot be sold on the Grand Exchange. However, this does not mean that it cannot be traded, though the minimum trade value is 1 gold.

You can thus sell your burnt oomlie wrap at the general store for 1 coin, which is usually little, compared to how much it costs to purchase the raw food item.

How to increase your cooking level

As stated before, you cannot attempt to cook oomlie wraps before you have reached level 50 in the cooking skill line. To quickly level up your cooking skill, you can use experience points boosters, but the boosters are only available to players who are subscribed to the game.

You can equip the Cooking Gauntlets, which decrease your odds of burning certain foods. Alternatively, you can cook at certain locations, as they offer more experience points.

Free-to-play players can use the Cook-O-Matic which is in the kitchen of Lumbridge Castle. Whereas pay-to-play players can use Burthorpe Rogue’s Den, which is underneath the Burthorpe Inn.

Do you receive experience points for burning an oomlie wrap?

Even if you are using a fire or a range to cook an oomlie wrap, you will not get any experience points if you accidentally burn it.

Unfortunately, this means that the ingredients you used and your time were wasted. However, you can attempt to cook the oomlie wrap as many times as needed.

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