OSRS: Blood Rune

The Blood Rune is a very powerful item in OSRS as it is used for various Magic skills, however, only members can use it.

Old School RuneScape (OSRS) is an adventurous video game that takes place in a persistent world. As you progress in the game, you will accumulate experience points, which can be used to level up individual skills.

One of the skill types that you can level up is Combat and it consists of Attack, Strength, Defense, Ranged, Magic, Hitpoints and Prayer.

Blood Rune

In order to cast spells using the Magic Skills, players have to use the right combinations of runes. Runes are small, weightless, magical stones with symbols on them which represent various elements.

One of the runes that you can use to cast spells in the Magic skill is the Blood Rune.

OSRS: Blood Rune
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Blood Runes are used in some of the highest-level spells, the lowest of which is the Ruby Crossbow Bolt Enchant and the highest; Heal Group, which reduces the caster’s current hitpoints by 75 percent.

It also heals up to 5 injured players that are standing within 1 square from the casting player.

OSRS players should note that the Blood Runes are also used in charging the Sanguinesti Staff, soul bearer and the Scythe of Vitur.

There are numerous ways that you can procure a Blood Rune, however, some methods are more difficult than others. You can purchase the Rune from various shops, including the Magic Guild Ship and Ali’s Discount Wares.

However this rune is also in the Barrows Chest with at least 756 rewards potential. The rune also spawns in level 36 Wilderness in the middle of the venomous spider, and it spawns in level 45 wilderness on the east side of the Demonic Ruins.

Spells that use Blood Runes

Blood Runes are used for a variety of spells, which are listed below:

Standard spellbook
  • Enchant Ruby Crossbow Bolts
  • Saradomin Strike
  • Claws of Guthix
  • Flames of Zamorak
  • Wind Wave
  • Water Wave
  • Earth Wave
  • Fire Wave
  • Charge
Ancient spellbook
  • Blood Rush
  • Kharyrll Teleport
  • Blood Burst
  • Smoke Blitz
  • Blood Blitz
  • Ice Blitz
  • Smoke Barrage
  • Shadow Barrage
  • Annakarl Teleport
  • Blood Barrage
  • Ice Barrage
Lunar spellbook
  • Heal Other
  • Heal Group
Arceuus spellbook
  • Reanimate TzHaar
  • Reanimate Demon
  • Reanimate Aviansie
  • Reanimate Abyssal Creature
  • Reanimate Dragon

Monsters that drop Blood Runes

As previously explained, one of the various ways to procure Blood Runes is by defeating monsters. However, only certain monsters can drop a Blood Rune.

Some of the monsters that you can vanquish to acquire a Blood Rune are:

Monster Combat level
  • 75
  • 82
  • 86
Iron Dragon
  • 189
Mutated Bloodveld
  • 123
Mithril Dragon
  • 304
Fire Giant
  • 86
Skeletal Wyvern
  • 140
Chaos Fanatic
  • 202
Dark Wizard
  • 7
  • 20
Fire Elemental
  • 35
Abyssal Sire
  • 350
Brutal Green Dragon
  • 227
Cave Kraken
  • 127

Crafting a Blood Rune

Players can craft Blood Runes at one of the 2 available runic altars, though this requires 77 Runecraft.

You can activate a Blood essence to activate a 50 percent chance per essence or fragment crafted that you could produce an additional Blood Rune.

Keep in mind, however, that the Blood essence is consumed and will disappear after 1000 additional Blood Runes are crafted.

The True Blood Altar in Meiyerditch Laboratories, on the other hand, requires completion of Sins of the Father, where every pure essence used yields 10.5 Runecraft experience.

This quest is also required to use the Guardian of Blood in the Guardians of the Rift minigame for crafting blood runes with guardian essence.

Great Kourend’s false Blood Altar requires 100 percent Arceuus favor to use, but you do not need any items to access it.

Every dark essence fragment yields 22.8 Runecraft experience, excluding the 0.625 Runecraft experience from binding the dense essence.

Making money with Blood Runes

It is noteworthy that only players with an OSRS membership can use the Blood Runes. Since it is a highly sought-after item, you can use the Blood Rune to generate the in-game currency from other members.

The table below serves as a money making guide for the Blood Runes:

Method Skills Hourly Profit
Crafting Blood Runes
  • Runecraft: 77
  • Mining: 78
  • Agility : 73 or 94 for shortcuts
1 666 121
Crafting Blood Runes at Arceuus (no diary)
  • Runecraft:77
  • Mining: 38
  • Crafting: 38
  • Agility: 73 or higher
545 874
Crafting Blood Runes through the Abyss
  • Runecraft:77
  • Mining: 21
  • Hitpoints: 70 and higher
1 047 799
Crafting Blood Runes at Arceuus (max)
  • Runecraft: 78
  • Mining: 38
  • Crafting: 38
  • Agility: 73
5 77 269

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