Diablo Immortal: Oblivion Pillar

Diablo Immortal players can now complete Oblivion Pillars to obtain the new Eternal Equipment sets, contain 3 Attributes and 4 Magic Affixes.

In March 2024, Blizzard released a major update for Diablo Immortal, and it introduced Terror Rifts, Eternal Equipment, new Legendary Gems and Hellslayer Bounties.

Players can now also now encounter Oblivion Pillars, which are the Age of Unmaking’s pinnacle challenge.

It is worth noting that only the most powerful demon slayers will be able to conquer these Pillars. You need to acquire a Terror Essence and play in Inferno Difficulty I or higher to activate an Oblivion Pillar.

According to the announcement, experienced gamers equipped for pulse-pounding combat will fare best in this test of might.

Diablo Immortal: Oblivion Pillar
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Diablo Immortal players can find Oblivion Pillars near where Terror Rifts spawn in every zone and can be accessed at any time. You have to use a Terror Essence from your inventory to find the location of the Pillar.

After activating the Oblivion Pillar, you must hold your ground as you slay increasingly vigorous attackers. That being said, you only have a specific amount of time to vanquish your opponents and when the clock runs out, the activity will end.

If you survive this new activity, you will get the chance to earn Eternal Equipment and other rewards.

Terror Essence

Terror Essence is a new item in Diablo Immortal and if you are interested in finding an Oblivion Pillar, you need to farm Terror Essence.

Allegedly, you can find this Essence in Terror Rifts and in reward chests provided by Stygian Spires.

If you are uninterested in farming Terror Essence, you can purchase the item from the market, however, it can also be bought and sold at Wyton’s Grand Market for platinum.

Players should note that Terror Essence can also be used to create Hellslayer Bounties, which were also introduced with the major update.

Terror Rifts

Terror Rifts are spiked gateways through which Diablo’s forces launch their assaults. Unlike other activities in Diablo Immortal, Terror Rifts only activate from 8:00 until 14:00 and from 18:00 until 1:00 server time on a daily basis.

During this time, 3 zones will be invaded at random, with one Terror Rift Portal appearing in a zone at 30-minute intervals.

Players can check the World Map to see which Zones are invaded, and you have to search the zone to find the Portal.

Players have to vanquish enemies to collect Stygian Fragments and then sacrifice the Fragments in the Stygian Spire.

A boss will then spawn and if you defeat it, you will receive a reward chest. Players can obtain Terror Essence from these reward chests.

Eternal Equipment

If you successfully complete an Oblivion Pillar, you will get a chance to earn Eternal Equipment.

These new equipment pieces contain 3 Attributes and 4 Magic Affixes; 2 of which are from the existing pool of Affixes and 2 from a new pool of Class-specific Affixes.

Diablo Immortal players can earn an item of any Primary Slot, but the item may contain Cursed or Ancestral Properties.

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