Nikke: Marian

Marian is the first character that you will encounter in Goddess of Victory: Nikke, however, you can only control her during the tutorial.

Goddess of Victory: Nikke is a third-person shooter mobile game that revolves around quick character-switching and the usage of combat skills in an anime environment.

As you progress in the game, you will encounter several characters, but not all of them can be acquired. One of the characters that you will meet is Marian.

How to acquire characters in Nikke

Nikke has an in-game gacha system, but before you can participate in this system, you have to collect unique gacha currencies. Once you have the gacha currencies, you can open the gacha menu and select the banner that you want to pull on.

At the moment of writing this, there are 2 banners available in Nikke, namely, the New Commander Special Recruitment and Ordinary Recruit.

The New Commander Special Recruitment is the first banner that becomes available in Nikke. It is a One-Time Only banner and players can use 2000 Gems to pull a character from it.

This banner will yield a guaranteed random Supreme Super Rare Nikke. The Ordinary Recruit is a normal banner and players can summon it with a free currency.

Nikke: Marian

During the game’s introductory tutorial, you will get the opportunity to play with the Super Rare (SR) character, Marian. Despite being a playable SR Nikke in the tutorial, she is not unlockable as a playable character.

Nikke: Marian
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Marian is deployed with the squad that goes to the surface with the main character, which is controllable. She is described as a kind and gentle being who is not used to harsh or rude behaviour. Marian has a straightforward personality, and she does not hide how she feels.

She is the first Nikke that players meet in the game. Moreover, Marian is the first to communicate psychologically with the main character. She is also the one who informs players of death as it pertains to Nikkes.

Similarly to other characters in Nikke, Marian has several unique abilities, but unfortunately, players cannot use them. Marian is one of the only 4 Super Rare Nikkes to have unique Burst Skill animations.

In addition to having these skills, Marian uses a Submachine Gun, which is known as First Affection, to defeat her enemies. Submachine Guns (SMG) have a high fire rate, low ammo capacity, and they suffer from poor accuracy.

Nevertheless, SMGs’ superb damage makes them ideal for spraying down weaker enemies at a close range. Aside from the use of her weapon, she fulfils a specific role on the battlefield.

Since Marian is an attacker, she has high offensive capabilities, and she specializes in destroying enemies in battle.

Although you cannot play and control Marian, she will help you defeat enemies in the early stages of the game.

How to create a team in Nikke

Once you have acquired enough Nikkes, you can create a team. The first thing you have to keep in mind when doing this is role distribution, as you cannot have a squad consisting of all supporters or all tanks.

It is recommended that you have at least 3 Attackers, 1 Tank, and 1 Supporter in your team.

This composition will ensure that players always have 1 character that takes most of the damage, while another keeps your team alive, as well as 3 Attackers that can defeat enemies.

During the tutorial, you can use Marian in your team to defeat enemies. However, once you have completed the tutorial, you have to get additional characters that can take on the Attacker role.

Team composition

In addition to the Nikke’s role and weapon type, you should also consider a character’s burst skill. A burst skill is the strongest skill that your characters can unleash in combat.

It is advisable that you formulate a team that features different burst level skills. This is because when you unleash level 1, 2, and 3 in order, you activate full burst mode for a short duration. This will cause your damage to increase dramatically.

Will Marian be playable in the future?

At the time of writing this, it is unclear whether Marian will be a playable character in the future or not. However, many players have said that they wish that Marian will be a playable character throughout the entire Nikke.

It is recommended that you keep an eye on Nikke’s official website and social media platforms as the developers make all their announcements on their official platforms. If Marian becomes playable, the developers are likely to reveal it on the official platforms.

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